well there you have it...

Started by: laughing gravy (6711)

how people laughed when i moan about the game being bent! trafford get gifted penalty's left reet and centre,yet chelsea were denied a blatant penalty can somebody explain why?

Started: 24th Oct 2020 at 20:56

Posted by: Tiger cat (366)

Simple, need for anymoe debate on the subject.

Replied: 25th Oct 2020 at 09:49

Posted by: laughing gravy (6711)

but VAR was not used yesterday,get your facts reet first!

Replied: 25th Oct 2020 at 10:08

Posted by: grimshaw (2485) 

The obsession continues.

Will it ever cease .?

Replied: 25th Oct 2020 at 11:25

Posted by: whups (5266) 

whoever gave him a good slapping certainly did a good job grim.

Replied: 25th Oct 2020 at 12:28

Posted by: grimshaw (2485) 

The man .? is obvious;y deranged the poor soul.

Replied: 25th Oct 2020 at 12:39

Posted by: Tiger cat (366)

LG, but var was not used yesterday, get your facts reet first.

Lampard was fuming yesterday and slammed another var fiasco,
Var official stuart attwell ignored the foul and did not ask ref Martin Atkinson to review it,

But the Wigan world idiot decides in his own mind that var was not used, you really are a plonker rodney, I mean LG.

Replied: 25th Oct 2020 at 13:09
Last edited by Tiger cat: 25th Oct 2020 at 13:09:54

Posted by: Diston (186)

Gary neville Patrick evra both say chelsea should have had a penalty does make you wonder at times how united get favouritism.

Replied: 25th Oct 2020 at 15:33

Posted by: Tiger cat (366)

All the teams have had good and bad calls with var not just United, some people like to jump on the bandwagon when United get the benefit.

Replied: 25th Oct 2020 at 16:23

Posted by: broady (16460) 

Time Rashford concentrated on his day job. Terrible attempt to win a penalty, should have scored and every tackle rolling about. Has also borrowed Martial's scowling face during games.

Replied: 25th Oct 2020 at 18:06

Posted by: firefox (3239)

No idea how that wasn't given as a penalty. Glad it wasn't, but it should have been.
van de Beek should have played.

Replied: 26th Oct 2020 at 08:03

Posted by: chatty (7965) 

That post aged well broady

Replied: 28th Oct 2020 at 21:52

Posted by: broady (16460) 

Was just coming on to say that Rashford must have read my comment on WW. Glad the got the almost obligatory penalty.

Replied: 28th Oct 2020 at 22:29

Posted by: broady (16460) 

Thought Rashford was poor against Arsenal. Spends more time on his back than a lady of the night. Scowling and complaining non stop. Pogba is doing nothing to change my opinion of him. Something needs shaking up.

Replied: 3rd Nov 2020 at 17:31

Posted by: grimshaw (2485) 

The attitude of just about the whole team right from kick off left me scratching my head tell truth.
Was expecting them to come out with guns blazing after the terrific result in the C L .
No intensity ,no apparent heart , didnt seem any pride in wearing the shirt, back pass after back pass , slower than gods horse .
Bottom six .Home defeats. All very worrying
Of course it may all change and we go on a run .
If not i fear ole will go which will be wrong I M O .
Needs a turn in form though .And quickly .

Replied: 3rd Nov 2020 at 18:34

Posted by: laughing gravy (6711)

grimshaw you failed to mention El Matadors scoring exploits funny that...

Replied: 3rd Nov 2020 at 18:41

Posted by: 0 years (4312)

"i fear ole will go"

So do I!

Replied: 3rd Nov 2020 at 18:58

Posted by: laughing gravy (6711)

Replied: 3rd Nov 2020 at 19:01

Posted by: chatty (7965) 

How did football manage before VAR?
All those dodgy penalties awarded against United (about one every five years at OT)
The game's moved on leaps and bounds.

Replied: 21st Nov 2020 at 21:53

Posted by: broady (16460) 

Not withstanding VAR United were garbage.Too many mediocre performers. Mata, Fred and Matic in the same team. Martial and Rashford awful. I just don’t see where any improvement can come from. Something badly wrong. Do they not realize what a privilege it is to wear those shirts.

Replied: 21st Nov 2020 at 22:00

Posted by: Tiger cat (366)

I agree with you broady, somethings not right, good at Everton bad v west Bromwich's, they cant break teams down, United only play well when on the break from attacking teams,still not happy with martial,hope he and pogba go next year.

Replied: 22nd Nov 2020 at 10:18


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