Eddie Howe...

Started by: jarvo (29669) 


Started: 10th Jan 2020 at 17:25
Last edited by jarvo: 10th Jan 2020 at 17:27:03

Posted by: peter g (2382) 

Do you fancy him Jarvo sounds like it

Replied: 11th Jan 2020 at 13:35

Posted by: broady (15872) 

Just watching the red machine purr along with a very good goal by Rashford and it certainly looks like OGS in the dugout giving directions.

Replied: 11th Jan 2020 at 15:42

Posted by: broady (15872) 

Another for Marcus.I predict that Wan Bissaka and Williams will both play for England before long.

Oh no 3-0. Martial.

Replied: 11th Jan 2020 at 16:09
Last edited by broady: 11th Jan 2020 at 16:11:54

Posted by: laughing gravy (6065)

how the mighty fall united fans crowing about beating bottom of the league

Replied: 11th Jan 2020 at 16:27

Posted by: broady (15872) 

More tongue in cheek eh? The Wolves fan must still be stuck on the train on his way home after another disappointing result. I wonder what his latest prediction regarding OGS’s departure will be.

Replied: 11th Jan 2020 at 20:41

Posted by: laughing gravy (6065)

broady theres no getting away from the fact your team is so bad that beating nobodys now means so much..why?

Replied: 11th Jan 2020 at 22:17

Posted by: whups (4682) 

who,s yours laughing boy.

Replied: 14th Jan 2020 at 12:38


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