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Moved to this from the Roger Waters debate.

Started by: JR (528)

0K, yes... we need a different thread. My post on gen was a Roger Waters gig where IT was a disaster (not the gig ha ha) but the issuing of tickets... still can't believe what the promoters were thinking of - the ability to gain entrance was having access to the internet to scan a hologram on your phone. Oh, I'm repeating again but who in IT thought connection to the internet was a good idea in a congested crowd of 20,000! Total chaos...
But this is a new thread inspired by the changes in Pink Floyd line ups and latter the Fleetwood Mac reorganisation. So let me know your thoughts (and this is serious music, not mainstream). All bands welcomed here apart from the awful cheesy stuff.

Started: 12th Jun 2023 at 16:45

Posted by: JR (528)

Many bands played Wigan at some point and at venues small to the large. Surely someone has some affection (or otherwise) to debate here.

Replied: 21st Jun 2023 at 17:23

Posted by: jack52 (121)

Watched loads of bands over the years two standout gigs both around 1975 Queen at Preston guild hall and the Who at Belle Vue .
also remember watching recently departed Tony TS Mcphee at that club down Poolstock cant remember the name.

Replied: 22nd Jun 2023 at 12:14

Posted by: JR (528)

Jack, I too saw Queen at the Guild Hall but it was 1973. They were actually support band to Mott the Hoople.
I never managed to see the Who... and didn't know Tony McPhee had played Poolstock!
I saw many bands at the Casino Rock night, but mainly was a regular visitor to the Free Trade Hall, Manchester. I saw Led Zepplin at the Liverpool Empire. I also attended 3 days at Bickershaw Festival - soaked, cold, no sleep, tired and hungry - but some excellent music!

Replied: 24th Jun 2023 at 18:27

Posted by: roylew (4054)

Saw Pink Floyd in a church hall in Torquay summer 68

Replied: 26th Jun 2023 at 18:40

Posted by: JR (528)

Wow Roylew,
What an experience that must have been... early Floyd days and original line up. the relative small venue adds to the ambience. I was still at school then and a year from getting hooked on underground/progressive music!
The Free Trade Hall in Manchester was my music heaven - so many bands, too many to mention here right now.

Replied: 2nd Jul 2023 at 19:29

Posted by: jack52 (121)

JR just remembered the club in Newtown where I saw Tony Mcfee was the Beer Engine and I remember him breaking a guitar string,
I also went to Bickershaw but only lasted to Sunday afternoon. Only went to the free Trade hall a couple of times watching T Rex and Beebop Delux.
Went to the Casino rock nights a couple of times remember watching the late Wilco Johnson and a band called Snafu.
Floyd was one of the bands I never saw live that I would have liked to see
Regarding the Who my daughter has got me tickets for the Who this Friday at St. Helens rugby ground hope it doen't rain over me .

Replied: 18th Jul 2023 at 15:35

Posted by: JR (528)

Jack, I never went to the Beer Engine but I vaguely remember a few gigs being on there. I watched Arthur Brown and Ed Tudor Pole at the Mill at the Pier quite a few years back (that's an interesting story for another time).
T Rex were on at the Ritz cinema in Wigan just after the transition from the former progressive/folk/underground Tyrannosaurus Rex to a more pop style - but to be fair they played a lot of old acoustic stuff.
Snafu were a good band; possibly best I saw at the Casino was Sassafras who were brilliant.
Hope the Who gig has favourable weather for you.
Getting back to the Ritz, I saw some good bands/artists there - King Crimson, Nick Picket, Curved Air, Keith Christmas, Garry Moore, etc...

Replied: 18th Jul 2023 at 20:22


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