Always on his own

Started by: Wiganread (14)

He was very well-known in Wigan. You could see him in the town walking about carrying with him a briefcase. I think he had the nickname 'Skippy'. He was dark-skinned ...dressed in scruffy clothes ....with grey hair and a grey beard. The rumour was that he was a doctor. He was a kind-looking person who I am certain would never harm a soul. Anybody know what happened to him ?

Started: 6th Nov 2021 at 12:28

Posted by: lectriclegs (4834)

"If it is the same one, and I think it is. I know a gang of lads beat him up very badly one night. He died shortly afterwards. It was a shame really he never did anyone any harm."

From here

Replied: 6th Nov 2021 at 16:11

Posted by: Wiganread (14)

Tragic. He was such a harmless soul.

Replied: 7th Nov 2021 at 09:37

Posted by: bentlegs (4785)

My Grandson told me tha t PURPLE ACKY is about again

Replied: 14th Nov 2021 at 13:15

Posted by: peter g (3063) 

Who remembers the old guy who used to stop dead and point his walking stick up in the air and used to get a crowd looking up at the sky then he'd walk off.

Replied: 21st Nov 2021 at 11:55


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