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Anybody out there connected to or know of any families called Ehlen connected to Mary Josephine Ehlen (nee Unsworth)She was born 1890 and died in 1971 (Buried on 31st December 1971.) Believed had 13 children.Lived at 42 Rosemary Crescent, Wigan. Daughter Winifred lived with her.

Her husband was George Ehlen Born 1888 died 29th May 1964?

The name is obviously German and I know George was born in Liverpool and it was his father that came to England from Germany through the docks at Liverpool

The names of the children I know of and their dobs as follows..if it helps jogging any memories with other family members..!!

Mary Ehlen B1911 died 1997 (my grandmother)
Jessie Ehlen B c1913 married a Harry Peters
Lillian Ehlen B c1914
Harold Ehlen B c1914 died c1919
George Ehlen B c1917
Mary Ehlen B c1918 D c1919
Fredericck Ehlen Born c1920
Winifred Ehlen Born c1921
Harry Ehlen Born c1921
James Ehlen Born c1922
Josephine Ehlen B c1927

Any help appreciated..


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Posted by: grandmas (594)

George Christian Ehlen was born December 1887 in Liverpool he died in Wigan in 1964 aged 76.

His fathers name was Henry Nickolaus Ehlen who was born c 1858 in Germany.

His Grandfather was Christian Mattias Ehlen b1826 in Hanover, Germany.

There is a family tree on ancestry but they do not have any details of your branch of the family. In the 1901 Census George is in Liverpool with his father and mother Catharine.

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Posted by: shaun452 (56)


Thanks for your help.
Could you tell me where the ancestry site branch ended?ie Was it with George Christian Ehlen? Did it show any Siblings for him?

Not to worry if not available. I may well have to sign up to track it and trace the owner of the tree.

Certainly a great help in any case and gives me another line of enquiry.

Thankyou again


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Posted by: mygriffiths (1205)

Shaun you can also find some military records on ancestry relating to George.Several damaged pages which I will try to send if you don't mind them being on here.There were some siblings on the tree which grandmas kindly referred to for you.

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Posted by: mygriffiths (1205)

Here is Henry in 1881 and probably his younger brother George both born in Hannover Germany
Name: Henrich Ehlen
Age: 25
Estimated birth year: abt 1856
Relation: Lodger
Gender: Male
Where born: Hannover, Germany

Civil Parish: Kirkdale
County/Island: Lancashire
Country: England

Street address: 72 Evelyn St

Employment status:

View image
Occupation: Labourer

Registration district: West Derby
Sub-registration district: Kirkdale
ED, institution, or vessel: 35
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
John Hoker 31
Annie Hoker 26
Wilhelmina Hoker 3
John Hoker 1
Henrich Ehlen 25
Henrich Schoor 29
Chas. Yanneaschmidt 27
George Ehlen 18

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Posted by: mygriffiths (1205)

Name: Henry Nicholaus Ehlen
Year of Registration: 1885
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
District: Liverpool (1837-1934)
County: Lancashire
Volume: 8b
Page: 80 (click to see others on page)

Possible marriage for Henry but Catherine's surname does not match the ancestry tree.

Replied: 4th Jan 2011 at 00:57

Posted by: grandmas (594)

Catherine Holland married in 1879 when she was just 16 to George Karrastas - he died in 1884.

She married Henry Ehlen in 1885 (June 1/4)in Liverpool

They had the following children:
Mary Elizabeth 1886
George Christian 1887
Henrietta Margaret 1889-1891
Annie Catherine 1891
william Henry 1898 - 1961

The person who has this tree on is from Pickering, Ontario, Canada

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Posted by: shaun452 (56)


Thanks for your posts.

mygriffiths if you do have the copies of George to post here that would be great.

Thankyou both


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Posted by: grandmas (594)

The records are very difficult to read due to having been burned. However George was in the 5th Batallion, Manchester Regiment and was born 22.11.1887
in 1915 he was a Datler (day wage man) in the pit and lived with his wife Mary and family at 28 Bottling Wood, Wigan
He was married 25.12.1910 at St. Aidan's, Liverpool
Their first child Catherine was born 26.6.1911 in Liverpool and baptised at St. Adolphus, Liverpool. Their other children where born in Wigan and baptised at St. Marys.
George had previously been in the Royal Army Medical Corp. and always continued to be a Reservist attending the Annual Camps before he re-enlisted. Sorry I don't know how to attach the information, there are many pages but all of them are burned at the edges and have bits missing.

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Posted by: mygriffiths (1205)

Shaun is your email on another thread about Hollands as this would be an easier method of sending the information to you?

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Posted by: shaun452 (56)


yes it is. Researching a number of different strands of the family from Wigan.


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Posted by: shaun452 (56)


Just read your post.

That is really interesting as I was unaware my great grandfather George was ever in the Army.

I was unaware that there was so much info on him and the family out there.

As you can see his father was born in Germany and before my grandmother died (she was Catherine who you refer to) she said something about him being inturned in the war and sent to the Isle of man as it was considered that they may sympathise with and assist or support the germans..

I note you are unable to attach the relevant records..

Could you let me know where you found them to enable me to find?

Thank you for your continued help..

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Posted by: grandmas (594)

The information is from his War Records on which mygriffiths has no doubt sent to you at your email address.

I also think I found your great grandmother Catherine in the 1871 Census in an Orphanage in Kirkdale aged 7 years living with the Sisters of Mercy. The family always seem to have been in this area of Liverpool.

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Posted by: shaun452 (56)

That too is really interesting..

That Catherine would have been my great great grandmother. I only knew her first name. Does it give her surname?

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Posted by: grandmas (594)

She was Catherine Holland.

Replied: 4th Jan 2011 at 23:32

Posted by: mygriffiths (1205)

Shaun I have sent about 40 pages about George and the next soldier on the list is William Joseph Ehlen father Henry also of Bottling Wood Wigan.

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Posted by: mygriffiths (1205)

Here is 1911 census (I have sent the original image by email)which is written by Henry and includes George
1911 census transcription details for: 171 Boundary St Kirkdale Liverpool
National Archive Reference:
RG14PN22470 RG78PN1323 RD455 SD6 ED27 SN220

Reg. District: West Derby Sub District: Kirkdale
Parish: Kirkdale Enum. District: 27
Address: 171 Boundary St Kirkdale Liverpool
County: Lancashire
Name Relation Condition/
Yrs married Sex Age Birth
Year Occupation Where Born
EHLEN, Henry Head Married M 52 1859 Railway Servant Germany Resident
EHLEN, Catherine Wife Married
26 years F 48 1863 Lancs Liverpool
EHLEN, Anne Daughter Single F 20 1891 Sack Mender Lancs Liverpool
EHLEN, William Son Single M 11 1900 School Lancs Liverpool
EHLEN, May Daughter In Law Married F 21 1890 Lancs Wigan

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Posted by: erscolo (1)

The Christian Matthias Ehlen noted as being born in 1826 died in 1827, so there is no possibility of any lineage from him. I am a descendant of the Ehlen line that lived in that part of what is now Germany. I am not aware of any descendants in England, but would not be suprised to find any.

Erie, Colorado

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Posted by: upthetims (6586)

my ex brother-in law is married to a Manuela Ehlen,who hails from a little village,Twistringen,which is an hours drive from Bremen in Northern Germany

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Posted by: shaun452 (56)

Thanks. Still working on the connections and looking on what ships the Ehlen's may have travelled to England on and to which port...that then brought them firstly to Liverpool and then Wigan..
If you have any more details for contacts with Manuela that would be great

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Posted by: charlie709 (1)

I have no clue whether anyone will see this. Shaun, if you do, please email me at My mother’s maiden name is Ehlen, Heinrich Nikolaus “Henry” Ehlen was my great great grandfather. My grandfathers father was William Ehlen, brother of your great grandfather I believe. I would like to find out more about the Ehlen’s, so please message me at that email address. M Griffiths, I see you’re a lot more active on here than Shaun so please if you could also give me Shaun’s email address at my email address or on this thread so I can contact him directly, thank you.

Replied: 28th Feb 2020 at 16:22


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