finding people

Started by: dark horse (295) 

You will be surprised about what you get by doing a simple google search. I typed my brother in laws name into google and suddenly up popped not only his name, but those of several other relatives we had lost contact with. Some also had enough detail to contact them with too. Allus worth a bash, eh? (Bit friky tho if concerned about security these days)

Started: 10th Sep 2006 at 20:35

Posted by: empress (9667) 

Your right !
I traced a cousin I hadn't heard from since I was 11 years old, thats 28 years and I found him complete with phone number in less than an hour.

Replied: 10th Sep 2006 at 23:23

Posted by: dark horse (295) 

amazing stuff init empress!!

Replied: 12th Sep 2006 at 20:43


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