Family - Crook, Skeat, Gerrard,Fenton,Nally

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I am from New Zealand and will be visiting Wigan,Tyldesley,Leigh & Atherton in August and would like to be able to trace family members who I believe would still live in the area. My Great Grandfather was William Crook a Coalminer Born 1830 in Astley -married Eliza Skeat, children were Joshua married Esther Hilton 1884, Margaret married Edward Gerrard 1881, Alice married William Nally,Their son Joel Nally married a Nellie (Yates)and lived at Sale Lane,Tyldesley in 1967 Sarah Ellen married Joseph Crook (cousin) Eliza married Benjamin Skeat 1891, Joel (my grandfather)married Elizabeth Fenton 1897, Joel and family came to NZ in 1922 with their 8 children and lived in Wood St, Tyldesley in 1922. If any of these names Crook, Skeat,Gerrard,Fenton,Nally are familiar I would love to hear from you. Dot Johnson (Crook)

Started: 22nd May 2006 at 11:06
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hi there. i am from atherton originally and now live in leigh stuart gerrard. strange thing is my wifes best friend is called crook from leigh

Replied: 14th Aug 2006 at 09:19


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