Graeme Sutch

Started by: comedance2me (3)

Hi I have over the years tried to track down an old friend from my time at winstanly College. His name was Graeme Sutch (could have been graham). He lived in Shevington and used to go out with owen oystons daughter. We went to Winstanly college in 1980-81 but lost touch when we left. His nickname was slasher but only those who knew him would know where that name came from.
Would love to hear from anyone who knows where he is or was at Winstanly college back then.

Started: 22nd Aug 2006 at 19:48

Posted by: fishy123 (inactive)

i know screamin ,,,lord,,,sutch,,is that any help

Replied: 22nd Aug 2006 at 22:36


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