Turners toy shop

Started by: fireplace6899 (inactive)

Just wondered if any one remenbers the above shop. I think it was in menes st.Any information would be welcome.

Started: 9th Aug 2006 at 20:01

Posted by: maureen rutter nee green (39)

Yes I remember Turners Toy Shop. You were right in thinking that it was in Mesnes Street. It was on the opposite corner to Smiths Bookshop (I think part of it is now a charity shop and also an insurance company). They sold prams, cots in fact everything you would need for a baby and childrens toys. There was also another pram and toy shop that used to be across from the old Wigan Market Hall in the corner (near British Home Stores) the name escapes me from the moment but no doubt someone out there will remember it.

Replied: 9th Aug 2006 at 21:00

Posted by: reddi8 (1107)

I remember the father and daughter who ran the shop. In those days you only collected your pram after the baby was delivered as it was thought to be tempting fate if you got it before.

Replied: 9th Aug 2006 at 21:50

Posted by: fireplace6899 (inactive)

I think that the daughters name was marjori, does any one know what happened to her.

Replied: 9th Aug 2006 at 22:15

Posted by: holly (59)

I don't remember it ever being called "Turner's". I only remember it from the 70s onwards when the shop sign (which was blue with white lettering) read "Prams and Toys". I remember the toys being expensive looking. I only ever gazed through the window. My parents would never have consideded buying me anything from there. Think my toys came from the market or Pendlebury's (mum worked there and got 20% discount) or Whelan's. My first bike came from Whelan's bike shop, above the supermarket, which was near the old Market Square bus station. Oo, am feeling all nostalgic now. Could rattle on for hours...

Replied: 10th Aug 2006 at 08:39
Last edited by holly: 10th Aug 2006 at 08:40:34

Posted by: bentlegs (4684)

I remember the shop, it had a board in the window with flys and wasps moving round on it, i think it was done with magnets.

Replied: 10th Aug 2006 at 18:53

Posted by: cakelady (6)

I think you're talking about Roy Turner (toy shop).I used to work for Marflow Greet Cards (wholesale stationer & toys)back in the 60's and we supplied Turners with lots of stuff.

Replied: 12th Aug 2006 at 19:27

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

I also remember it being called Prams and Toys. That would have been around 30 years ago. Everything looked very expensive. I seem to remember catching a bus from just outside the shop with my Mother when i was about 8 yrs old.

Replied: 15th Aug 2006 at 17:15


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