Started by: gary1964 (3944) 


Started: 17th Feb 2007 at 04:21

Posted by: b8mex (299) 

I'll second that.

When youngsters leave school at 16, they should be given no more than 2 years to get a job, if not - put them in the armed forces. At least it will teach them some discipline and respect, if nothing else!

Replied: 19th Feb 2007 at 22:27

Posted by: coccium (2569) 

Was you in the forces?From the sound of your post you must be a military sort of chap.

Replied: 19th Feb 2007 at 22:35

Posted by: dave© (3507)

If you had a son/daughter who had enlisted voluntarily in the armed forces, would you want him/her to have to depend on someone who was conscripted? I wouldn't.

Replied: 19th Feb 2007 at 23:00

Posted by: empress (9667) 

ex wife of a ta, our forces are the best cos they love the job. Time wasters would be dangerous.

Replied: 19th Feb 2007 at 23:03

Posted by: coccium (2569) 

Was you in the forces like garry1964 you also sound a military sort of person?
What rank did you attain?Sounds to me that you and gary1964 must have been mp's.I bet you were sergeants!

Replied: 19th Feb 2007 at 23:16

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive)

I would put them all in for national service would stop them hanging round streets in gangs of a night time frightening poor old folk to death !

Replied: 19th Feb 2007 at 23:32

Posted by: coccium (2569) 

Have you been in the forces?

Replied: 19th Feb 2007 at 23:34

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

"Kiss me goodnight Sergeant Major" tuck me in my little wooden bed,oh kiss me goodnight Sergeant Major........LIGHTS OUT,Stop snivelling lad i'm your mother now.
Right you lot "hands off c**ks and on socks" on parade in 15 mins.
No i can't see it myself it would be a waste of everyones time and effort.

Replied: 19th Feb 2007 at 23:38

Posted by: coccium (2569) 

Left right,left right,left right,you orrible little squirts, what are you?

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 00:05

Posted by: mollymop (47)

If not National Service how about Community Service of some sort. It might not work for everyone but at least some would benifit from helping others and gain a sense of pride or self respect.
If nothing else it would get the lazy blighters out of bed!!

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 08:37

Posted by: disco_diva (inactive)

Put em all in Boot Camp.Like that show Bad Lads Army.

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 10:59

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

The point again is the forces don't want
thugs and thieves,they want lads and lasses who want to be soldiers and are willing to do the training.
And before anyone says it yes they have their own Bad boys,SAS,PARAS,and the dreaded NAAFI staff.

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 11:17

Posted by: gary1964 (3944) 


Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 11:29

Posted by: rossy (162)

Bin der dun dat. Demobed 1959.
I found it a great experience even though I did not want to go in the army. Two years well spent.
The trouble today dicipline is non-existant from birth onwards. I remember the bobby clouting my earole in Woodhouse Lane. (I must have deserved it)

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 18:28

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive)

no coccium i haven't but the youngsters of today need to show a bit more respect to their elders in my opinion,a clip round the ear'ol never did me any harm !!

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 19:19

Posted by: coccium (2569) 

kopitesere,totally agree with you what we need is to deter these yobs, I say tougher borstal prisons,boot camps if need be,and what about the birch,thousands agree with me but nobody in the poxy government does thats the problem, along with that sh!!e p c brigade.
As for putting them in the army!I have relations in the marines and from what I have seen of some of these scum around our streets I dont think the soldiers could rely on the cowards.

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 20:06

Posted by: coccium (2569) 

gary1964.When what regiment?

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 20:06

Posted by: kopitesere (inactive)

coccium,cowards i agree,get these little s**ts one on one and they would pee in their pants,it takes a vodka & red bull or a few bottles of alcho pops and they think they can take on the world "in a group of 10 or so that is !!"

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 20:56

Posted by: b8mex (299) 

I was never in the forces, but if circumstances had been different earlier in my life, I would have enjoyed it I think. There are many good careers in the forces, it's not all about combat.

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 22:21

Posted by: coccium (2569) 

But you have to be prepared for combat I would think.

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 22:28

Posted by: ozzielass (1742) 

I couldn't agree more, give them a taste of life without their plasma tv's. mp3 players, ipods, xbox etc. give them a week in solitary for back chatting they would be crying for their mothers in no time.

Everything in life has to be earned and that includes respect. You never know some of them might actually learn some life skills, like get a bloody job.

In a gang they are tough as nails but split them up one on one and see who is Cock of the Walk. My money is on the Sgt Major.

Replied: 21st Feb 2007 at 01:58

Posted by: gary1964 (3944) 


Replied: 25th Feb 2007 at 16:35

Posted by: gary1964 (3944) 

bmex it is you join the army to train for war

Replied: 25th Feb 2007 at 16:46


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