speaking about old school friends?

Started by: susie (28)

anyone looking on this site used to go to st peters (orrell post) around the late 1960 early 1970's and used to know me, susan heaton? i used to be in a folk group with two other people, - carole and another girl called susan. if u knew me do u remember the spanish and italian student who came to spend some time at our school, sigundo and carletto???

Started: 8th Jul 2006 at 22:41

Posted by: emmacru (15)

sorry was there in the 80's try friends reuntied?

Replied: 2nd Oct 2006 at 22:28

Posted by: kb10975 (193)

I ddnt go to the school, I knew someone called 'tufty' who did - left in 75 or 76 I think?@ went to aus - again, i think!

Replied: 3rd Oct 2006 at 00:07
Last edited by kb10975: 3rd Oct 2006 at 01:00:57

Posted by: flockhound (160)

You ever been to Australia?

Replied: 3rd Oct 2006 at 01:04

Posted by: kb10975 (193)

no, my cousin did, dont know where they are,need to find them, free accom and all that!!!

Replied: 3rd Oct 2006 at 01:09

Posted by: kb10975 (193)

cousin in canberra, tufty - perth, so i'm informed!

Replied: 4th Oct 2006 at 23:38

Posted by: mac01 (1)

I went to St Peter's and I think I was in the year behind you. I remember you all playing a song by The Spinners.

Replied: 17th Feb 2007 at 00:10


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