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William Ashton, Mary Ellen Kelly married 1869 both classed as minors, Residence time of Marriage, Chapel Fields (where is this)in both cases Fathers name and surname given as Illigitmate Child, whatI am looking for is ways to find my Greatgrand fathers real name, as I am asuming he took is mothers maiden name if anyone can make sense of this any help apprecaited.I know they resided Holland St Wigan 1891 had sons Robert, Thomas(my grandad)daughters Elizabeth,Jane,Mary Ellen,Annie.In 1881 they lived at9 Swifts Sq Wigan (where is this)any ideas. Thank you. K.Ashton

Started: 8th Feb 2007 at 17:36

Posted by: sandra (821) 

Hi on the 1891 & 1881 census Holland st & Swift Sq is in Scholes, hope that help's, Holland st is in the Parish of St Catherine, 1871 9 Swifts yard that is also Parish of St Catherine Scholes

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in my family tree I have a Frances Ashton b 1820, what I am trying to point out I find she was born in London although her father came from Wigan and came back he was Thomas Ashton married to Alice Bibby in about1800,in Wigan, I dont know if this is any help at all I have never after 6yrs found HIS father

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Posted by: k.ashton (7)

Thanks again Sandra it does help as I recall my father talking about Scholes when I was a boy, so it all adds up, I cant help thinking I have relitives still In Wigan less they have moved on to greener pastures in more ways than one,like me they will be 70 odd years young. Ken.

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Posted by: k.ashton (7)

Thank you Elizabeth for your intrest, can not at this time make any connection, if in the future I come a cross facts that maybe of intrest to you will be in touch.

Replied: 9th Feb 2007 at 15:16


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