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Researching family history.

Started by: bobo199 (1)

I'm new to this site and can't quite get a handle on how it all works, so thought I would make start with this.

How do I find out who was living and working at No 6 Warirngton Lane 1868 to in the 1870s. in 1868 McGuire & Burns Corkcutters operated from there.

Started: 11th Oct 2023 at 12:31

Posted by: winnie (1546) 

you need to look at the censers

Replied: 11th Oct 2023 at 14:36

Posted by: winnie (1546) 

I think I may have found something ,just give me a bit to look into it

Replied: 11th Oct 2023 at 15:09

Posted by: winnie (1546) 

Found this on Rootschat

Philip McGUIRE, cork cutter master
Source: listed as cork cutter on his son Terence's birth certificate March 16, 1856, 10 Bow St, Salford.

Terence McGUIRE, cork cutter
Source: listed in 1905 on his daughter's marriage certificate as "cork cutter (deceased)"
(In 1879, 1881 and 1891, he lived in Wigan but I only have his occupation for 1881 - coal miner).

The 1869 Wigan Directory lists McGUIRE and BURNS as cork cutter/ manufacturers at 6 Warrington Lane, Wigan.

Replied: 11th Oct 2023 at 16:02
Last edited by winnie: 11th Oct 2023 at 16:09:49


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