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Katherine Melling

Started by: Mac1964 (12) 

Sadly my wife's mother past away last month age 73, she lived in Yewdale road on Landgate and went to Ashton Grammer School.
I would like to find out more about Katherine's life pre 1972 when she married in Liverpool.
I would like to find school friends, boyfreinds, school photo's, or any other stories and photo's people are willing to share.
I've been doing the wife's family tree for some years now but am really struggling with Katherine's early/School years.
I would be very grateful for any information.

Started: 11th Aug 2023 at 14:53

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (6583) 

Very sorry for your loss Mac ., R..I..P.

Replied: 11th Aug 2023 at 15:39

Posted by: Mac1964 (12) 

Just an update,
We have recently discovered that my wife Lynda has an older brother born Geoffrey Melling on the 2nd April 1966.
KATHERINE LIVED AT 121 Yewdale road, Ashton in Makerfield but she gave birth to Geoffrey at Elmswood, North mosseley hill road, Mosseley hill, a salvation army home for unmarried mothers.
Katherine would of been 15 and still at school when she got pregnant (Ashton Grammer School).
so our search has now expanded to see if we can find her older brother.

Replied: 25th Aug 2023 at 16:07
Last edited by Mac1964: 26th Aug 2023 at 12:18:09


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