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Anyone out there who has access to find my past 1939 census? please help.Looking for Jesse Walker.Born 1870, Hindley, Wigan.He died 1947, 77 years.possible link is Storthes hall,Kirkburton, yorks.labourer,died of senile decay.address on death cert.502, wakefield rd.dewsbury.g/g/uncle jesse was in w.w.1.,then he tramped the roads ,never settled & eventually never came back home to hindley.would love to know what happened to him, no one knows in our family where he ended up as he would be known now as shell shocked.he served in france with manchester regiments, cant find anything on army much appreciated.

Started: 6th Dec 2021 at 14:50

Posted by: JAMB (69)

1939 register Jesse Walker Patient age 71 Storthes Hall Mental Hospital

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Posted by: christine marsden (732) 

Buried 1947. Mostly unmarked graves in local churchyard look on Google..
Was he in WW1 seems a bit old to have joined, 44 in 1914.?

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on ancestry - His burial notice shows abode as the hospital but burial at thrustonland st thomas church? , buried 12 Dec 1947 , age 77 in row 4 number 12, along with 9 others. There's 1911 wakefield prison records showing too that may relate to the same chap, born in bolton?

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had anuver look, don't think one born bolton is same chap, I've found Jesse age 6 months on 1871 census, born in hindley wiv his family chapel at green rd.

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Posted by: christine marsden (732) 

He was in hindley in 1891 with father William and mother Ann
He was married in 14.2.1903 aged 31 miner. to Eliza Allen aged 23
Father William Walker. Miner. Lived valley rd. Morley. Yorks.married Morley church

Eliza died January 1914 aged 34. Buried Morley cemetery. Wife of Jesse.
Several Records in Wakefield prison between 1909 to 1913. Theft ,drunk and disorderly etc. Abode Morley. Same age, same area .same name.

Maybe he moved after 1891 to Bolton and that's why he gave it as born there. ? Seems a coincidence. There's no Jesse walker born in Bolton in the 1870s on any site.!!!
Don't think he would have been in WW1, too old in 1914 onwards.44+!!
Burial was in st Thomas churchyard at Thrustanland, in unconsecrated ground in rows of unmarked graves. They've since had a plaque put up in the church to commerate them.

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