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I am trying to find out the 4 missing childrens names when they were born and when they died. As seen in the 1911 Census. 11 children born, 6 remain alive. So far I have managed to find the enclosed childrens names and parents details. Any assistance you can offer is appreciated!!

I have hit a brick wall.

Arthur Edward Ashton
Born 1887 in Hackney Died 1894 died of measles

Florence Amelia Ashton
Born 1890 in Hackney Died 1894 died of measles

Frederick Charles Ashton
Born 12.1.1893 in Hackney Died 1988

Alfred Ernest Ashton
Born 20.2.1895 Died 1970

William James Ashton
Born 1895 Died 1971

Lillian Rose Ashton
Born 1898 Died 1991

Sidney Edward Ashton
Born 1900 Died 1950

Mother Amelia Elizabeth Ashton (maiden name Ponsonby at birth)
Born October 1863 Hackney, Middlesex
Amelia Married James Arthur Ashton on 11th June 1887 in Hackney, Middlesex
Amelia Died 1924 (aged 60)
Buried Abney Park Cemetery 23rd February 1924 Last known address 86 Holly Street, Hackney, London Siblings brother died in 1919 from influenza towards the end of the epidemic
Parents Father George William Ponsonby / Mother Mary Ann Spencer

Father James Arthur Ashton Born 26th February 1866 Walworth, Southwark
Baptised 22nd April 1866, Southwark Occupation Cab Proprietor Married Amelia Elizabeth Ponsonby 11th June 1887 in Hackney, Middlesex Died 1907 Hackney, London (aged 41) about 6 months after daughter Grace was born.
James Parents Samuel and Charlotte Ashton

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Posted by: kath arkwright (70)

I have found the births of 10 children for this family and the deaths of 4. The ones you are missing are
May born and died June Q 1889
George born and died March Q 1903
The first child was Arthur Edward born 2 April 1888 and the last one Grace May born 20 February 1907 according to the 1939 Register.

Replied: 2nd Aug 2021 at 19:20

Posted by: barbarabanter (236) 

Kath Arkwright, I can't thank you enough. Please let me know how on earth did you find out the missing names? Which websites?

Any images connected to your findings? Birth etc

I'm very impressed and appreciate your time spent on this.

Can't thank you enough.

Replied: 2nd Aug 2021 at 22:39


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