Information or RELATIVES of Joseph Holmes 1831

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Hello!! I found this topic through Google and just joined the site so I can find out more information!
My name is not really Holmes but I am interested in Joseph Holmes born in 1831 in Wigan, Pemberton, Lancashire, England. He did not marry a local. He married a lady, Mary Clark Woodhead from Rawmarsh, Yorkshire and almost immediately migrated to Australia in 1856. He is my 3x great grandfather!! His mother was Hannah and it seemed he lived with Hannah and Samuel Holmes who may not have married Hannah. He appears in the 1841 and 1851 censuses if we have the correct man.
We don't know about siblings nor where either of his parents are from or their parents.
If ANYONE has information, or if they think they may be related, I would be delighted. I have done DNA testing so we could compare if you have done that testing too.
There is a lot of relatives here in Australia!!!! The township of Holmesville is where he settled with wife Mary and it is still nearby to where I live today. It was named after them.

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I have been told (without documents) by a lady who is descended from some
ELLEN HOLMES 1820 to 1866 from Wigan, that Ellen was a sister of Joseph.
Perhaps someone is related /descended from Ellen Holmes?
This lady who told me 9she tried to figure the puzzle and these are her conclusions) also told me that Joseph had a younger brother,
JOHN HOLME/S who was a miner. (1823 to 1906) also from Wigan.
WILLIAM HOLME and SALLY HILL married in August 1806 and they are reportedly the parents of HANNAH HOLMES who is apparently the unmarried mother.
Is anyone descended from them or know about any of these people ?
I was also told there is at least one descendant of HOLME and HILL still living in Wigan. I don't know who that is.

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"Never theorise before you have data. Invariably, you end up twisting facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts"!

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I agree. This is why I am wary and want to verify somehow.
To date everyone over this side of the world thinks Joseph Holmes has no siblings or parents but he came from Wigan. That much we know.
The rest may be true but has been "figured out" by the lady finding a very old notebook (in England). It is the correct Joseph Holmes as his Australian address is in it. But there is nowhere actually saying that these people are his relatives in that book. The book was in Ellen's old home I believe so at least someone knew him.
If more people know stories or if other people have had their DNA tested, we may be able to turn it to facts. I have had a man of Horrocks as a DNA match and can't figure him out and as soon as I got to this site, I saw a question about Horrocks. It had not occurred to me that our mystery DNA match Horrocks might live in Wigan... I will keep figuring for now. Thankyou!!

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Baptism: 29 May 1837 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Joseph Holme - Son of Ann Holme
Born: 23 May 1831
Abode: Pemberton
Baptised by: Edward Jones

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Baptism: 16 May 1842 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Charlotte Holme - Daur. of Ann Holme
Born: 7 Mar 1839
Abode: Pemberton
Baptised by: Charles Bisset Curate

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Baptism: 12 Nov 1848 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Mary Ann Holme - Daughter of Ann Holme
Born: 17 Mar ?
Abode: Pemberton
Baptised by: A Coates Curate

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Name Hannah Holme
Birth 29 July 1807 Wigan, Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester, England
Death July 1850 Wigan, Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester, England
Burial Pemberton, Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester, England
Spouse Samuel Hill
Father William Hulme
Children Charlotte Holme Levi Holme

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Name: Levi Holme
Birth Date: 18 Dec 1836
Baptism Date: 5 Nov 1836
Baptism Place: Wigan, All Saints, Lancashire, England
Parish as it Appears: Wigan Mother: Ann Holme

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Hannah Holme
BIRTH 29 Jul 1807
Wigan, Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester, England
DEATH Jul 1850 (aged 42–43)
Wigan, Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester, England
St John the Divine Churchyard
Pemberton, Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester, England

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Family Members
William Holme

Samuel Hill

Elizabeth Holme Miller

James Holme

Samuel Holme

Ellen Holme Miller

John Holmes

Samuel Hulme

Levi Holme

Charlotte Holme

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buriel records can be found on here

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Even Guy Martin knows that the 'Metropolitan Borough of Wigan' didn't exist in the 1800's!

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Oh wow! Winnie you are giving me a lot to think about!
Where did you find all of that information if you don't mind me asking?
Those names are so familiar! Joseph had plenty of children and some of them had those names!
Is it unusual for Hannah Holme to be daughter of William Hulme and husband is Samuel? It sounds like modern days where the lady keeps her own surname . Or perhaps they weren't really married. She did live with a Samuel though.
I had not come across any father for Hannah either. This is great! But I really would love to know how you got it if you don't mind. Are you related to this family?

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Posted by: LindaHolmes (7)

By the way, Winnie, I would not mind betting my children are related to you. Winstanley is their ancestor!! Small world! If interested, I can tell you more.

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Posted by: winnie (1410) 

i got the info here and from ancestry

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Posted by: LindaHolmes (7)

Thankyou very much Winnie!

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You can find the censuses on free x

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John Holmes born 1827 and Joseph Holmes born 1831 in Marsh Green .
Both moved to Silkstone , Yorkshire for work , married two local girls . Then 1856 , the two couples emigrated to Australia.
One of John’s children died of a snakebite while playing in the garden and he brought his family back to Marsh Green , mid 1870s.
Joseph and his family stayed in Australia and he went on to built his own private town , Holmesville.
John Holmes was my gg grandfather.

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