Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (4744) 

Today friday i bumped into an old school friend from way -way back at my junior school which was ST.JAMES ,poolstock ,his name is JAMES FISHER we spent a good 25 minutes reminiscing it was very good talking with it must have been at least 63 years past my how time does fly. SO this message goes out to others who attended that school name what come to mind are ::TERRY HANKIN,,BARRY LAWLESS, GEOFF LAWLESS, MALCOM BISHOP TO name just a few would be great to talk if you read this if you want to contact me via WIGAN WORLD FOR STARTERS

Started: 12th Feb 2021 at 14:00

Posted by: kathpressey (5459) 

how lovely. I think the older we get the more we like to look back on the days when we were younger

Replied: 17th Feb 2021 at 08:53

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4744) 

Hello KATH, Thanks for that you know every time we pass Enfield st /Tunstall Lane . Billinge Road i always say to marg i wonder how KATH'S getting on stay safe LUV ,, G.B.

Replied: 17th Feb 2021 at 13:49


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