Fred Marchant of Chester

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I wonder if someone would be kind enough to help me? I am trying to trace Mr. Fred Marchant of Chester, England. He was a violinist and I think he performed at the Grosvenor Hotel with a small orchestra in the 1920s and 30s. . He had a brother-in-law who was a pianist and a violinist. I knew him 1946/7 and at the time I would guess he was in his seventies. He was a sweet man and I wanted to include him in a book I am writing. Any information would be much appreciated.. Thank you.

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Frederick Marchant in the 1939 Register.
2 Victoria Place, Queens Street, Chester, Chester C.B., Cheshire.

William C Marchant 25 Oct 1871 Male Musician Single
Frederick Marchant 09 Sep 1875 Male Musician Single

1911 census, same address.

George Marchant Head Married Male 75 1836 Musician Frome, Somerset

Charlotte Marchant Wife Married Female 69 1842 - Reading

William Marchant Son Single Male 40 1871. Musician Frome

Frederick Marchant Son Single Male 36 1875. Musician Chester

Harry Marchant Son Single Male 26 1885 Musician Chester

Sydney Marchant Grandson Single Male 16 1895 Tobacconist Bedford

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The top listing is indeed my man, because that is where I knew him. Does the second listing down for him mean that 09 September 1875 was his birth date? I assume so, because that would make him 71 or so when I knew him, which is just about right. And the later listing of “musician” confirms it. But the listing shows him as “single” which seems an odd description for a new born.

I am trying to find the date of his death and if he ever married. I know the Chester Chronicle had a report of his passing, but I don’t have access to that.

Thank you, Gaffer, very much. I appreciate your help.

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I’ve corrected the first listing, they are the same people in the same house.
It was his birthdate.
The marital status is that as at the date of the census, the 1939 Register was an emergency census for war planning purposes.
Frederick died during the first quarter of 1958.
As far as I know the Cheshire newspaper archives aren’t online yet.

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Posted by: whacker (1005)

Thank you. Gaffer. I very much appreciate your doing this. I had not known that Fred's brother lived with him, or that Fred died in the first quarter of 1958. That is very useful information.

If anyone else could also research Fred for me, any scrap of information would be most helpful;

Gaffer, thank you again. Nice work.

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