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Started by: christine marsden (732) 

Has anyone got subscription to above site? Have got some details of ancestor but won't give me more details. William Aspinall. Cheshire regiment. No. 23122. Medical records 1918 for injury etc. I don't want to join as I've got his pension records and medal record from ancestry, just stuck on these further details. If you can help I'll put my e mail address on here.

Started: 24th Dec 2020 at 10:05

Posted by: Lynsheen (1)

Hi Christine,
I'm a member of FMP. I'm quite happy to find the information if you can post the link. I've tried to put in the soldier number and regiment but its coming up as no results. Also there are lots of William Aspinall's so a link would be great.

Replied: 21st Jan 2021 at 12:41

Posted by: tonker (24614) 

Have you looked down the back of the settee, Christine?

Replied: 21st Jan 2021 at 19:59

Posted by: christine marsden (732) 

Lynsheen. britsh armed forces first world war one soldiers medical records.
William aspinall or W Aspinall. Dob 1898 regiment no 23122. In 1918. No 3 casualty clearing centre and Then 31st ambulance train. Cheshire regiment. Won't let me look at document stating injuries. Just says W Aspinall. But right number. Didn't put in cheshire and the two came up. E mail thank you I'm on Fb as well if you'd rather message me. .

Replied: 7th Feb 2021 at 16:06
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Posted by: christine marsden (732) 

If you click on my name above in red There's.x photo of what I found on fmp

Replied: 9th Feb 2021 at 19:32


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