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Started by: Dolly Day Dream (10)

Does anyone know how I can get date of my parents wedding anniversary, John and Ellen Higgins (Jack and Nellie). I know it was first week in July either 1946 or 47, and likely 47. Mum was nee Morton, born Coffee House 188A Wallgate Wigan in 1923, Dad was born next door in Coffee House Inn in 1925. Moved to Norley Hall (Hodder Close) in 1957 when I was a few week old....

Started: 21st Aug 2020 at 13:06

Posted by: beep54 (1036)

Try Lancashire BMD

Replied: 21st Aug 2020 at 13:22

Posted by: geraldine long (106)

July 1947

Replied: 21st Aug 2020 at 22:37

Posted by: JAMB (156)

Some times you can find a date of marriage on the 1939 register, unfortunately in this case it does not show , from the info available I would say they were married at St. Josephs RC Church Wigan , the records for 1947 will be held at St. Judes Church so you could make enquiries there , failing that you may have have to purchase a certificate from Wigan Register office , price £11 , you can do this online on wigan council website my account

Replied: 22nd Aug 2020 at 12:55

Posted by: Dolly Day Dream (10)

Thank you peeps for the information. I will try St Judes first, but I think it was a Register Office marriage not sure tho.

Replied: 31st Oct 2021 at 01:27

Posted by: gaffer (7984) 

The marriage isn’t listed on BMD. That leaves a copy of the marriage certificate as the best option.
You can order one online from the Register office in Southport. If you quote the reference numbers you get a discount bringing the cost to £11.
Year of marriage 1957
Volume 10F
Page 1977

Replied: 31st Oct 2021 at 13:42

Posted by: geraldine long (106)

Lancs BMD
Marriage Ellen Morton and John Alfred Higgins
Year 1947
Church / Register Office :- Wigan Register Office Or Registrar Attended.
Registered at Wigan and Leigh
Reference Row /16A/213

Replied: 1st Nov 2021 at 14:31

Posted by: Dolly Day Dream (10)

Thank you all so much for trying to help. Looks like I will have to buy a certaificate to get the exact date. I am 95% sure it was the first week in July 1947, but hey ho, tried everything suggested. I am grateful to you all though as you got the year which I was struggling with. All the best, Val

Replied: 23rd Jul 2022 at 22:04

Posted by: momac (12442) 

Hello Val,you used to live just further up than me.

Replied: 24th Jul 2022 at 12:55

Posted by: Dolly Day Dream (10)

Hi momac.....I now live in Orrell. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you are well. We had a lot of family crises so I still haven't got the certificate. Has to go on the back burner for now but thank you all so much!

Replied: 28th Oct 2022 at 23:05

Posted by: momac (12442) 

Hello Dolly,I was so sad to learn about your hubby..he was a grand lad.I lost my hubby too 2020..hope you stay well.

Replied: 1st Nov 2022 at 17:34

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (6583) 

Hi Dolly,
I have just been on BDM site ,and like Gaffer and Geraldine Long i found exactly the same info , just to add i have used the information from that site in the past ,and i have gone to Wigan Town Hall and got copies of the certificates i wanted , in your case you could try the Southport and order online ,all the best . G.B.

Replied: 2nd Nov 2022 at 15:11

Posted by: whups (13410) 

wot about a visit to the church alan ? .surely they will have records there ? .

Replied: 9th Nov 2022 at 15:08
Last edited by whups: 9th Nov 2022 at 15:09:38

Posted by: Dolly Day Dream (10)

Can't thank you all enough at least now I know it was Register Office. I am quite stunned by that as both Catholic and mum was devoted to St. Josephs as she was growing up. Still not been for the certificate. St.Judes wouldn't have any record if it was Register Office though.. Been thru the mill and back last few years & still ongoing. Worst of all was losing hubby and two young grandsons. There were others, but those were th hammer blows. Also been told St.John the Devine Church, Pem is likely to close unless they can come up with more functions for the church....I have suggested a sign language class as I am very deaf. Don't know if it will take off or not. If anyone can help the church, which was built 1930/32 i think they are on facebook. The magnificent window was only restored in March 2019. I am not especially religious, but I am drawn to the church as its where we got married and our kids baptised there..

Replied: 15th Jan 2024 at 18:08

Posted by: orrellite (2427)

D D D,
just a bit of probably useless informationn for you, in those days, as in our case a marriage in a Catholic church was not formally recognised .
So you had three options
1 to have a Registry Office marriage only or
2 to have the Registry Office first and later have the Church wedding or
3 as we did have the Church wedding and then have the Registrar conduct a short Civil ceremony in the vestry .
Incidentally you had to pay the Registrars taxi fare rom his office to the church and back

Replied: 17th Jan 2024 at 09:06

Posted by: gaffer (7984) 

Marriages Sep 1947 (>99%)
Higgins John A Morton Wigan 10f 1977 Scan available - click to view

Replied: 18th Jan 2024 at 11:53


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