Roy Kelly born 1939 1st.August.

Started by: soreen (77)

Hi, info. please.Roy s Dad Joseph Kelly, Mam Mary Alice Parkinson.18, Stonyhurst Ave.1939.Roy married Susan mary Barnes Ince,1981. Diana Mary Kelly was born in 1970 Ince.
Found a marriage for a Richard Fishwick, not sure,then I lose them. Any ideas please.

Started: 26th Jul 2020 at 13:32

Posted by: JAMB (66)

Roy married Sarah Barnes 1968 not 1981. Diane married Richard Fishwick 1988 ' they appear to have had 2 children, John Roy born 1989, and Tricia Marie born 1990, the marriage seems to have broken down ,Roy Fishwick married Christine Gaskell 1997 and his last address I can find is Fir Tree Drive Ince. Diane married Bryan Winstanley 2000 het last address I can find is Stonyhurst Avenue Ince

Replied: 27th Jul 2020 at 15:33


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