Jane Layland born 1828

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Hi,Any info.on James Layland, brother of Jane.He was born 1837, Wigan.Married Margaret Fairclough 1858.Waiting for record office to open so I can get info.on his dad James, a Publican & his mam Mary.(Dont know her last name).Jane married Thomas Addison 1n 1857, Wigan.James & Jane i think are the only 2 children of James & Mary.Both marriage certs.on Lancs o p c. Would hope in time to find out about the dad James .
Any info. would be

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Marriage: 24 Dec 1826 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England
James Leyland - (X), Parish of Wigan
Mary Taylor - (X), Parish of Wigan
Witness: Wm. Hazelden; Saml. Vizard
Married by Banns by: Edwd. Hill Curate
Register: Marriages 1824 - 1827, Page 269, Entry 807
Source: LDS Film 1885691
on 1841 census James and Mary had an Elizabeth Taylor living wth them.James was an overlooker and lived in Millgate.

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This appears to be the grave of Mary and her sister Elizabeth.Mary 's death address matches that of Daughter Jane
on 1861 census.

Surname Forename Age Place of Death Date Year Notes Grave Cremation Religion
Heyes Ruth 56 yrs 75 Queen St. 4-May 1866 M 315 C of E
Johnson Elizabeth Balmer 87 8 Edith St 9-Nov 1904 M 315 C of E
Leyland Mary 57 yrs 23 Adelaide St. 28-Dec 1862 M 315 C of E
Taylor James 75 yrs 15 Chapel Street 18-Dec 1862 M 315 C of E

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James and Mary were living with Mary's father at 27.Adelaide street on 1861 census(no job description given) and James died in 1862.

Leyland James 57 yrs 27 Adelaide St. 16-Feb 1862 F 22 C of E

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