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Hi Keith give me a ring if need be. just seen a reply you uploaded finding a person could you see if you can find a friend of my wife,

She was a bridesmaid to her in 1957/8 in Coventry, John & Doris Clark (nee-Collins) she worked at Bushills, lived odd number at 4- Lime Tree Ave, Tile Hill, Coventry, as a child, believed to have moved back to that house in later years, both may have pass on, any information would be appreciated a phone number would be out of this world Been trying myself

Started: 14th May 2020 at 12:11

Posted by: gaffer (6859) 

Hi Dougie.

John W Clarke married Doris M Collins in 1961. Two sons Ian and Paul.
They’re on last year’s electoral roll living at Crossway Road, Coventry CV3 6JN. It’s not far from the airport.
His dad and grandad were both aircraft fitters.

Crossway Road to Lime-tree Avenue is 3 miles.

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Thank's Gaffer You don't know how long we have tried to find them, even had help from Australia and all over Coventry with to luck over the last 15 years or so, you were a shot in the dark, we know the Baginton area of Coventry well, now to put the icing on the cake, would for you to find a phone number,
Yes I know it's asking too much but if you don't ask you'll never get, will be on google streets looking Thanks again

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You can get an address from a phone number but not the other way round.
I’ll ring you later with the house number. You can drop them a line.

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Posted by: dougie (4702) 

Thanks I phoned Coventry to see if they could get it out of the Coventry phone book, not heard back yet

Got two phone numbers from Coventry, will give them both a ring tomorrow Thanks for your help

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You're on the money with the second one.

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Posted by: dougie (4702) 

Thanks Gaffer we have been trying for 50 years on and off to find them, also had the best in Coventry looking then within a few hours of asking you, everything came together the wife couldn't believe it, she left it till this afternoon to phone it's a good job I get free calls are I would have had to dig deep for the call, is there a charge for your service or will a pint do

Replied: 15th May 2020 at 17:20


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