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No need for any comments---Thinking I was uploading to many links, e-mailed ADMIN about it reply was, don't worry about it
--A collection of Videos,Tricks,+ new things I keep adding--

(0) --Audeo--Story books for Children why their off school, thanks

(1) --View-- The butcher that makes you laugh(go full screen)

(2) --View-- as it maybe the best illusion you've seen (go full screen)

(3) --View-- A card trick that makes you think

(4) --View-- all sorts of Smile's play around and have a look you may like them

(5) --View-- Have a look would it have made you join in

(6) --View-- Some may not have been to a Fiesta in Spain this is part of one I attended

(7) --Video's-- Hundreds for everyone by a local man over the last 13 years,Loads of Wigan area

(8) --Video's-- Toms Plumbing Tips for all D.I.Y,men from a local now retired Plumber

(9) --View--16 peace jigsaw starter have a look round you can change things yourself

(10) --Video-- 8mm film I made in of Reeds/SCA cases at Goose Green, on the A49 by Salisbury's

(11) ---Click--- The History of A-in-M, I found it interesting other links at top of page more facts

(12) --Video-- Titan the Robot remember him he was good in Wigan

(13) --5 Tricks-- I wouldn't try the first one,but keep looking to show your friends

(14) --Video-- This is one I made, no trick too this video try it

(15) --Video-- Just to pass your time but can you do it's easy

(16) --View-- Pick any type of animated card, have a look round it's free this is Christmas one

(17) --View-- electric shock machine game,I've played it in a pub with strangers down Coventry

(18) --Video-- my low maintenance garden to make things easy for O.A.P.

(19) --Video-- Making thing safer as we grow older by adding a few things

(20) --Photo-- See if you can find,2 cats & a dog on the photo easy time yourself

(21) ---Facts--- A bit of Ashton area history taken from their website, Hope upload

(22) --Video-- Fans making their way outside the J.J.B.stadium to a big match day

(23) --Video-- 1/2 an hour boat trip with two men on a narrow boat,well wreath watching,

(24) --Video--Going up the Wigan flight's 23 locks interesting nice views about 1/4 an hour

(25) --Videos-- Best 4/5 minute clips from the Sharpe cerise the chosen men

(26) --Chess-- Play the computer 1- 10 levels learn but don't try to win watching the computer

(27) --Board-- Can you place eight Draughts on a board so as no two are on the same line in any direction,

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