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(1-2-3-4-4+-5-6-7)NO comments please, O.K. HAVE A LAUGH AT MY EXPENSE, am a Bovvard am a Bovvard what anyone thinks, I'm a one take chap you get what turns out, no second try with me ,
--look 1--22/4/20 Part beaked bread rolls

--look 2--23/4/20 Omelet With Egg's, Ham,Milk,& Cheese

--look 3--24/4/20 German toast With Beacon & cheese

--Look 4--25/4/20 Toast,Beacon, Beans,and a cup of tea,

--Look 4+---/-/-- Put back in micro why waiting for new toast,

--Look 5--26/4/20 Healthy eating, Two cereals,Grapes, Banana, Cup a tea,

--Look 6--27/4/20 Two oven bottoms, Eggs,Ham, Cup of tea,

--Look 7--28/4/20 Four waffles,Cheese,Ham,Cup of tea, last one this it just help with being in lock down

Started: 22nd Apr 2020 at 12:33
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Posted by: dougie (4702) 

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