Face masks

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What will you do are you ready just in case, noy saying they work
Did you see the news this morning about face masks Peter Israel told us if you can get any in B,Q go get them, I uploaded Micks face mask hoping we could have had a bit of Brain Storming to farther improve them, with in a few minutes of seeing the video Mrs Dougie said them hook looks well, I've a bag of Christmas tree hooks that would look better, them rubber bands only cost 50p for a bag full making all the mask disposable so you never need to touch them, so that's now in place, HAVE A LOOK we may need something in the future and think what will we do

--Try clicking photo for video if interested--

Small incinerator to burn them

Peter Israel uploaded this] Mask [/url] Stay safe

Started: 21st Apr 2020 at 15:38
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