Does anyone still remember me ?

Started by: alan porter (13)

I now live on Vancouver Island, a long way from Wigan. I am approaching my 84th birthday and wondering if anybody over there is still around to remember me.

I attended Upholland Grammar School from 1948 to 1955 when I left to go to Liverpool University to pursue a medical career.

I was commanding officer of Wigan Unit Sea Cadet Corps in the l960's, and then a reserve military officer at Wigan drill hall until I left for Canada in the late 1970's.

From 1964 to 1975 I was a keen target pistol shooter, and I founded the South West Lancs Pistol Club, which is still very active.

If any of you remember me, please contact me through this site, I am feeling in need of some old time contact.

Thank you and best wishes


Started: 10th Mar 2020 at 21:42

Posted by: FAT MICK (inactive)

I remember you Alan but only from you commenting on the photo a day, my brother Brian went to upholland at the same time as you but hes dead now, and Neville Gray would also have been there at that time but hes in a old folks home now.


Replied: 10th Mar 2020 at 23:18

Posted by: alan porter (13)

Thanks for your note, Mick. Neville Gray (we called him Ned) was in my class at school. I think he became a teacher. If you see him please give him my best.

Replied: 11th Mar 2020 at 01:13

Posted by: FAT MICK (inactive)

Hi Alan, Yes Ned did become a teacher after being in the RAF, he also used to play rugby union for Wigan
I dont think I will be seeing him again as he is now in a old folks home

Replied: 11th Mar 2020 at 06:52

Posted by: alan porter (13)

It is now two months since I tried to connect with old friends that still remembered me. No result. So, what are the possibilities ? 1. All my old friends have lost their memories. 2. My old friends don't read Wigan World postings. 3. Or sadly, I have out-lived them all ? I am now 84 years old; I plan to live to 92 so my old friends still have 8 years in which to contact me. I am waiting !


Replied: 10th May 2020 at 02:32

Posted by: FAT MICK (inactive)

Why stop at 92 Alan ?

Replied: 10th May 2020 at 07:43

Posted by: fred mason (2832) 

I had a mate called Alan Porter back when. He lived near the police station in Pem but he was my age...74, I believe.

Replied: 10th May 2020 at 18:11

Posted by: tom cros (110) 

Still playing the clarinet ?

Remembered from St Luke's Parish Hall concerts.

Replied: 10th May 2020 at 19:01
Last edited by tom cros: 10th May 2020 at 19:34:28

Posted by: alan porter (13)

Tom. St Luke's Parish Hall concerts were a very long time ago. I still play clarinet, mostly bass clarinet, and I have played in several concert bands here on Vancouver Island. What is your story now ?

Replied: 10th May 2020 at 20:43

Posted by: tom cros (110) 


I'm a friend of someone who was at UGS with your brother. He remembers the concerts.

I was taught by your neighbour Allan Miller a few years later.

Replied: 11th May 2020 at 09:22
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