Bill Cockram

Started by: joemaplin (195) 

Former games master at ashton secondary modern
Passed away peacefully on
10th November 2019
Aged 86 years.

Started: 29th Nov 2019 at 15:27

Posted by: whups (8491) 

yes i saw it in the observer . he was at my school.

Replied: 29th Nov 2019 at 22:50

Posted by: joemaplin (195) 

Hi Whups,my school too,been today,saw a lot of old faces..You either liked him,or hated him

Replied: 30th Nov 2019 at 00:34

Posted by: whups (8491) 

how old r u joe ? .

Replied: 30th Nov 2019 at 14:42

Posted by: brynkiwi (717) 

Good memories of Mr Cockram training us for the cross country in the 50s

Replied: 30th Nov 2019 at 22:37

Posted by: whups (8491) 

yes & that pump he had to brian.

Replied: 1st Dec 2019 at 00:25


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