Descendants of...

Started by: paddy2t10 (478)


I am looking for any descendants of the following people:

James Henry Mooney 1883-1917
Lydia Thompson 1882-1953
Patrick Kenny 1891-1916
Ann Gallagher 1891-1976
James Tyldesley 1880-1945
Helena Thomasson 1880-1950
Richard Littler 1882-1965
Ann Jane Gornall 1880-1955
Roger Wood 1880-1951
Dorothy Wilding 1881-1933
William Hardman 1884-1967
Ellen Ann Finch 1886-1951
Charles Unsworth 1867-1952
Nancy Jolley 1872-1951
Luke Mason 1886-1948
Mary Jane Winstanley 1892-1976

Please get in touch.


Started: 16th Nov 2019 at 22:19


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