Shops in Hindley

Started by: Evie (14)

Does anyone remember the name of the Video shop, next to St Peters back in the late 70's/80's. What was the name?
Also does anyone know what happened to the two Sisters who ran the Pet Shop? May have been Twins?

Started: 12th Nov 2019 at 19:42

Posted by: momac (11783) 

Was the video shop called Sharples.

Replied: 13th Nov 2019 at 09:54

Posted by: retep1949 (701)

There was a Sharples shop up on Market St. near Low Mill Lane who sold radios tv's etc .

Replied: 13th Nov 2019 at 14:12

Posted by: dave© (3507)

I think there was one between the Monaco and St. Peter's, can't remember the name.

Replied: 14th Nov 2019 at 09:17

Posted by: Evie (14)

Yes, that's the one next to the Monaco! When we were kids, we rented for 50p each I think they were. Horror films. He would let us rent every horror he had! Texas Chainsaw Massacre/ The Hills have eyes/ I spit on your grave! We were like 10 years old!

Replied: 14th Nov 2019 at 10:45


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