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Started by: whacker (974)

Many readers of these posts were helped by Wigan born LEP 1950. She generously assisted me beginning in 2012, helping me find my wife's family and, astonishingly, find my wife's long lost father. After that we corresponded frequently, becoming friends in the process. I know that she was kind and helpful to many on this site. I am greatly saddened to tell you that Linda passed away in the early hours of September 2nd, 2019, surrounded by her family. She was only sixty nine years old.

I ask those whom she so tirelessly assisted to observe a moment's silence out of respect for this remarkable, compassionate and lovely, woman.

Started: 2nd Sep 2019 at 16:46
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Posted by: broady (17563) 

Sad to hear that whacker. May she rest in peace.

Replied: 2nd Sep 2019 at 19:28

Posted by: Joan (13)

So very sad to hear she has passed away. My thoughts are with her family at this time. She was very helpful to me when I was researching my William Prescott family. RIP Linda.

Replied: 7th Sep 2019 at 04:32

Posted by: threlfallia (180)

I'm really saddened to hear this news. Linda was of very great help to me, with many aspects of family history research - her tenacity when researching was wonderful to see, and everything she suggested later worked out. I know that I thanked her each time, but I did really appreciate Linda's clear intelligence, interest and effort. I knew from odd comments that there were times she was not all that well, but she always seemed to have time to "take up a challenge" - and my OH's family provided them by the bucket full!
My best wishes to her family, they will know what a super person she was. She must have helped so very many on here, as she helped me. I too, in a way, will miss her greatly.I had great respect for her abilities, and will indeed observe that moment of silence, for she was a very pleasant person to "speak" with.

Replied: 9th Sep 2019 at 15:35

Posted by: threlfallia (180)

... and incidentally, I've just returned from following up a line of ancestry she led me to, in Whitehaven area ... and yes, she was right! So sad I can't say "Thank you" again.

Replied: 9th Sep 2019 at 16:51

Posted by: mygriffiths (1203)

I am also deeply saddened by this news, especially as her last posting in April showed her looking to the future.I will miss her fastidious approach to helping people with their family research.

Replied: 10th Sep 2019 at 22:38

Posted by: momac (11915) 

Very sad news..God bless her.

Replied: 10th Sep 2019 at 23:02

Posted by: whacker (974)

Thank you for the kind comments. I am sure her family is appreciative.

A card from the family hears the inscription, “Departed from earth, forever in our hearts. We say farewell to the center of our family. With love and gratitude,”

I think that says it all. And we are grateful to the family for sharing Linda with us.

She is sorely missed.

Replied: 14th Oct 2019 at 23:25
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Posted by: admin (1084)

Only just seen this post. Belated Condolences from all at wiganworld.

Replied: 18th Oct 2019 at 20:17


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