Poolstock lock keeper

Started by: soreen (77)

Looking for lock keeper who lived in Milton St.Poolstock around 1898.Joseph Kelly.

Started: 7th Apr 2019 at 20:57
Last edited by soreen: 7th Apr 2019 at 21:08:18

Posted by: tonker (24051) 

Something tells me you've missed the boat with that one!

Replied: 7th Apr 2019 at 21:20

Posted by: winnie (1366) 

any more details ?

Replied: 9th Apr 2019 at 21:50

Posted by: soreen (77)

Thanks Winnie, In touch with Wigan History shop who helped me. Thanks for your time & ntrouble.XXX

Replied: 17th Apr 2019 at 21:21

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8025)


I doubt very much that he is still knocking about now.

Replied: 19th Apr 2019 at 17:03


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