John winstanley

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Above circa 1790 can't find him on 1841 census ?wife Jane ,son James 1826/7pemberton or winstanley area.

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James 1826/27. 1841 census.wigan, Standish, adlington areas.he was married 1843 in Standish but lived adlington !!

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Posted by: christine marsden (735) 

John winstanley 1797, illigitimate son of Ellen winstanley,1771, born winstanley.her parents William 1728m Jane Wiston in 1852.
His son James 1846/7 wife Catherine Wilde.m 1843.on a any ones tree. I

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James winstanley 1701m Elizabeth tipping,1727 born winstanley or pemberton anyone got family tree?

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Posted by: Droglite (1)

Hi Christine,
On the off chance you are still active.
I had a contact from a long lost cousin on the Nicholson side; Irene Kew who is my Uncle Fred Nicholson’s only daughter .
I promised to send a copy of your excellent Tewson House essay. I spoke too soon as after a long search. I cannot find it’s hiding place!

Can you help please.
Hope you are in good health and kind regards

Reggie Dickinson

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Was Jane’s maiden name Robey?

Replied: 11th Dec 2019 at 09:57


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