WILSON burials Wigan '38 & '48

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I'm trying to locate the burials of my great grandparents:-
JANE ELLEN WILSON (BERRY) 15 Mar 1876 - 26 May 1938 of 42 Chadwick St., Poolstock.
JAMES WILSON 15 Feb 1873 - 15 Sep 1948 of 25 Primrose Hill, (Scholes?)
Their burials are not showing in Wigan Cemeteries' transcriptions.

Any advice/help in finding them would be much appreciated. TIA

Started: 31st Jan 2019 at 19:59

Posted by: winnie (1410) 

Name: James Wilson
Gender: Male
Marital status: Widow
Birth Date: 15 Feb 1873
Residence Year: 1939
Address: 41 Miry Lane
Residence Place: Wigan, Lancashire, England
Occupation: Retired

Household Members:
William Bentham
Alice Bentham
James Wilson
Mary G Kenyon

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Posted by: winnie (1410) 

this is him in 1939

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Posted by: winnie (1410) 

i cant find them either sorry

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Posted by: macwil48 (348)

Thanks for looking winnie.

Yes that's him with his daughter and son-in-law at The Platelayer's Arms, she registered his death in '48.

I have everything about them except the final act.

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Posted by: pieman (51)

I had a similar problem with a grandad and it turned out that his ashes were scattered on the Garden of Remembrance and these records aren't on the cemetery index on here. There is a low wall near the 'Gardens' with nameplates on and his name is on one of them, so that could apply in your case.

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Posted by: macwil48 (348)

Thanks for the info pieman.

Did they do cremations in '38 & '48? *

I remember seeing the gardens when I visited a few years ago, they didn't look that old.

I may have to consider contacting the council, but at £11 a shot and no guarantee of a result I'm a little reluctant, especially as I have no real idea of where they are buried, though Wigan Cemetery is the logical place.

* EDIT: Crematorium didn't open until 1955, so I doubt they are in the gardens.

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Posted by: pieman (51)

Is this the right marriage, if so you may be able to access records at the history shop on Library Street for burials at St George.

Marriage: 5 Sep 1898 St George, Wigan, Lancashire, England
James Wilson - 24, Labourer, Bachelor, 222 Whelley
Jane Ellen Berry - 22, Spinster, 35 Byrom St.
Groom's Father: James Wilson, (Deceased), Labourer
Bride's Father: John Berry, Spinner
Witness: Charles Graham; Mary Ellen Taylor
Married by Banns by: Thomas Gleave
Register: Marriages 1895 - 1901, Page 114, Entry 227
Source: Original register at Wigan Archives

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Posted by: macwil48 (348)

Yep that's the right marriage.

As I said in an earlier post I have everything EXCEPT their Burials. (and a few Electoral Registers)

A visit to Wigan is unlikely in the near future, I'm now based in Hereford and reliant on public transport.
LOPC have transcribed St George Funerals for '46 - '68, the only Wilson is a Mary in '60.


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Posted by: macwil48 (348)


I also can't find burials for the D-i-L and g'son of the above.

Elizabeth BERRY (MELLING)  27 Jul 1891 - 27 Dec 1971
James BERRY 27 Dec 1917 - 4 Nov 1971
both of 130 Enfield St, Pemberton

Widow & son of James Wilson BERRY 21 SEP 1893 - 20* SEP 1921 buried Wigan Cemetery plot R747 CofE 26 SEP 1921
They are not listed as being in that plot.
*corrected inquest was 22

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Posted by: macwil48 (348)

Just found my Great grandparents grave in St Pauls, Goose Green courtesy of a post by DaveL in 'Places'.
It was not where I had expected to find them!

Two down, two to go!

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Posted by: christine marsden (735) 

They could be in St Matthew's Highfield, there's no burials in lancsopc for there. If they lived in Enfield street,its the nearest church. I'm going soon to that graveyard where my g parents and parents buried. Will have a look. Make sure I have right details for them. X

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Posted by: christine marsden (735) 

Have e mailed you

Replied: 15th Apr 2021 at 19:16

Posted by: macwil48 (348)

Hi Christine,
e-mails received and answered.
Thank you.

Replied: 15th Apr 2021 at 23:30

Posted by: christine marsden (735) 

Elizabeth mellling had a sister Charlotte, 1886 -1918.who married John catterall.

Replied: 25th Apr 2021 at 22:41


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