Aston Martin's owned by Unsworth & Son of Ashton

Started by: ashtonman01 (198)

I've menetioned the cars once owned by Clive Unsworth a few times on here in the past, namely the most well known of his collection the Jag D-Type. But I'm just wondering, for those who can remember that far back and who knew Clive and his father, about the Aston Martin/s they owned.

My dad used to tell me Clive's dad owned an early Aston Martin, which from the description sounded like a DB2/4. For those not familiar with classic Astons, it's like the one Tippi Hedren drove in Hitchcock's classic The Birds, albeit in this case this was a coupe not a convertible. I think the colour mayve been red. I was told it was later sold on to a dealer and exchanged for another car (no idea what) after the car had a mechanical problem. I also heard that one of them owned a later model which could've been a DB5. Does anyone know if he did own one?. Something as prestigious as a DB5, even back in the 1960s, would've surely been known about in the area and would've been seen driving around, but I haven't found anything about said car owned by the gentelman in question. Anyone have any info in these particular cars?.

Started: 30th Oct 2018 at 11:57
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