Frank Thomas Hitchen

Started by: northernlass (8)

Trying to trace family members of the late Frank Thomas Hitchen, died in 1995 and lived in Hindley House, Worsley Mesnes, he was a former miner then window cleaner before he retired. His brothers were Fred and Roy. Parents were Fred and Catherine Hitchen. Any help much appreciated.

Started: 19th Sep 2018 at 16:17
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Posted by: jouell (4705)

I know of a Frank Hitchen, he'd be late 70s 80ish in age..

Replied: 23rd Sep 2018 at 14:50

Posted by: northernlass (8)

Hi Joeull

Thanks for replying, he could be related to the Frank Thomas Hitchen relatives I am searching for, would you be able to ask him. Frank Thomas was originally from Poolstock Lane and was briefly married to Audrey McQuade,she originally lived in Beech Hill. They married in 1956 but divorced I think about 1961/2. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated as the searches in ancestry don’t give anything. Thanks again!

Replied: 23rd Sep 2018 at 17:12

Posted by: jouell (4705)

As I said, I know of a Frank Hitchen.. he is my nephews uncle on his mothers side.. I'll do what I can....

Replied: 23rd Sep 2018 at 21:53

Posted by: northernlass (8)

That’s great, thank you for this, much appreciated.

Replied: 23rd Sep 2018 at 22:23

Posted by: jouell (4705)

sorry, I haven't heard anything yet.. I live in the USA my nephew in and his cousin in different parts of England.. I have no control as to how fast they are looking into info for you... I'll let you know when I hear from them....

Replied: 30th Sep 2018 at 14:04

Posted by: northernlass (8)

Hi Jouell, that’s great, I appreciate you trying. I have one other lead and that’s Craig R Hitchen who has a partner Sarah Lowndes. Craig is the son of Roy (Frank brother) and his wife Irene. Just trying to find them too if I can. Thanks again, will look forward to hearing from you soon👍👍

Replied: 30th Sep 2018 at 22:19

Posted by: jouell (4705)

Sorry northernlass.. I have been told, they have no knowledge of the people you mentioned.... Good Luck with your search, I hope you find what you are looking for..

Replied: 24th Oct 2018 at 02:31

Posted by: northernlass (8)

Jouell, thanks for trying, much appreciated.

Replied: 28th Oct 2018 at 22:08


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