James Henry Prince 1901-1995

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I’m currently working on family tree project and have come across some interesting information on my great grandad and I’m looking to see if I can find more information to add to what I might have already.
He was born in London in 1901 and moved to North Wales with his family as a child, at some point he ended up in Wigan.
He was quite high up in Wigan Borough Police Force living in the Police House at 243 Warrington Road, he went to Ireland for a spell in the Black and Tan.
He was over 6ft tall and very broad too and people used to come from miles around to fight with him and he always won.
If anyone can add to this info I would be most grateful.


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Posted by: winnie (1366) 

this is him in 1939

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Posted by: winnie (1366) 

Prince Household (6 People)
14 Woolden Street , Wigan C.B., Lancashire, England

James H Prince 10 Feb 1901 Male Detective Constable Married
Olive Prince 02 Nov 1902 Female Unpaid Domestic Married
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Harry Mawdsley 21 Jul 1925 Male Atschool Single
Thomas H Prince 01 Oct 1927 Male At school Single
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Presumably you know about a marriage of James H. Prince to Olive Wall in the July-August-September quarter of 1921 in Wrexham, Denbighshire.


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Posted by: -banksy- (86)

I remember well Grenville (James Henry's son) & Betty Prince living at 14 Woolden Street sadly both passed away, I think their son Andrew still owns the house.

Marriage: 2 Apr 1955 St George, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Granville Prince - 24, Plumber, Bachelor, 14 Woolden Road, Newtown, Wigan
Elizabeth Brookwell - 23, Upholsterer, Spinster, 6 Alliance Street, Wigan
Groom's Father: James Henry Prince, Cobbler
Bride's Father: James Brookwell, Coach Proprietor
Witness: Herbert Prince; Elizabeth Farnworth
Married by Banns by: Henry Stirrup Davies
Register: Marriages 1942 - 1964, Page 172, Entry 344
Source: Original register at Wigan Archives

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Posted by: chimpbal (24)

Thanks Winnie and LEP, I have come across the info before and Woolden Street is still in the family.

Thanks Banksy, Andrew still has the house. That’s interesting that my grandad is a cobbler then, that must be after he’s retired from the Police force and I think Harry and Olive May have moved to the shop in Bispham Green that they bought m.

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