William Ashcroft

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I am trying to trace the family of William Ashcroft, born in Upholland in 1874. He married Margaret Taylor and they had 5 children, John, Nellie, Annie, Margaret and William. They came to live in Salford as William my great Grandad was a miner. We had family in Orrell, Upholland and Ince and I used to visit them many years ago. My Grandma Nellie passed away on January 9th 1963 and we lost touch with our Wigan family. I hope someone is able to help. Thankyou.

Started: 30th Dec 2017 at 21:42

Posted by: Weatherwax (317)

Not had time to look properly, but I did find that on the 1911 census, Margaret gives the fact that they have had 8 children, with 6 still alive. All the children that you mention are there, but also AGNES, born 1902.
I found that John was married to Mary Alice Horrocks in Salford, So I don't think that his Family would have been in Orrell, Upholland Or Ince. I will have to check the rest when I have more time. It may be a good idea if I checked William and Margarets Brothers and Sisters as well, as they were all born around Upholland.

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Hi Weatherwax. Yes Agnes was my grandmas sister, don't know how I missed her off the list as she was amazing. Thanks for your help so far, I really appreciate it.

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It would be wonderful if I could find William and Margarets siblings then I coild put another message on Wiganworld.
William came to work in thenput in Agecroft in Salford and I think John may have done too.
Thank you.

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I have already found siblings for William, sometimes you have to go back to go forwards, His Mother was Charlotte Ashcroft 1842 (Unmarried) this was listed in the 1881 Census, When she was living with William born 1874, Alfred 1863, Mary 1867, Amelia 1871,and Thomas 1878. Also living there was John Chisnall 1843 Boarder. I found a Marriage for Charlotte and John Chisnall on 8th July 1882. Subsequent Census's show that Charlotte was now known as Chisnall, and they had Two more Children, Lily Chisnall 1883, and Nellie Chisnall 1888, But the other Children seem to have kept the Ashcroft name. I will try and find more if you would like me to.

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Posted by: lynnepa (23)

Wow that's fantastic,thankyou, I never knew about these people at all. I'm not on Ancestry as I work long hours and don't have enough time to investigate. I tried a few years ago but had to give it up as I kept getting migraines. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Posted by: dennis dickinson (1131)

If you Google -that is the Web page of John Ashcroft - he was born and raised at 94 Ormskirk Road Up Holland.
There was a Jack Chisnall who lived at 100 Ormskirk Road Up Holland in the late 1940s -1950s I think his first wife was Lily - but I can't be sure.
I now live in New Zealand - but I am sure about both John Ashcroft and Jack Chisnall.

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Posted by: kathpressey (5485) 

My 4th great grandmother was Ann Ashcroft from Orrell /Billinge area. we could be distanlt related

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