canal workers late 1800's

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my great granddad was a labourer on a canal barge in the late 1800's early 1900's but lived in Poolstock. Does anyone know how I can get more info. on what life was like for these people?

Started: 25th Nov 2006 at 15:29

Posted by: wiganyankeeron (inactive)

I am sure there are lots of books on canal life. In the early part of the 1900's. Try the local library. Or the Reference Library in Wigan, I am sure, will have a lot of information. Try looking on here if you want to buy a book:- Type "canal life" into the keywords box and see what it brings up.

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Posted by: reddi8 (1107)

I did see a book about boatmens marriages on the Leeds Liverpool canal on Amazon. I just typed in canals and it came up.
Ellsmere Port boat museum have lots of canal history.

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Getwom you are a star! Always helping people out! And i am not being sarcastic. Its nice when someone goes that extra mile.

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Posted by: margaret hegan (80)

I have some info on a number of canal familes working the Leeds Liverpool Canal.
Amongst them are Forshawsm, Gills, Carringtons, Cheethams, Gregsons, Warings, Lambs, Baybutts and Odes. If any of these are yours will be ahppy to share info. Let me know

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Posted by: potterieslass (14)

My ancestors were Turners, they were all bargees, and worked the Leeds to Liverpool. One of my ancestors also piloted a tug on the Mersey too, whilst abiding in Wigan, he would get on a barge at Newtown and go straight down the canal to start his shift on the Mersey.

Replied: 18th Jan 2007 at 21:53

Posted by: empress (9667) 

Think it was on my nans side they were bargees, which would make it the cullen family..........amazingly my nan couldn't swim and was terrified of water. They used to stand her on the bank before turning the boat when she was little as she was scared of falling in! Her brother was on a few souvenirs at the pier for a while.They settled in Crooke when she was little still.

Replied: 19th Jan 2007 at 09:39

Posted by: babyboomer (62) 

Hi getworm, Thanks for the lead to for books related to the canals
I have just sent for the Manchester ship canal as my granfather was a bargee and all his children were born along the canal
Looking forward to some good reading Cheers babyboomer in oz

Replied: 30th Jan 2007 at 10:10

Posted by: annefair (1170)

Hi Margaret.My family name was Waring.I wonder if they are related to me? I also have Cheethams in our family as well as the name Bootle.I would be grateful for any info you may have.

Replied: 3rd Feb 2007 at 19:10

Posted by: reddi8 (1107)

I have just sent for a book Burscough Boatmen Their Marriages and their Boats by Robert Cheetham-Houghton priced £9.99 from Amazon

Replied: 9th Feb 2007 at 23:18

Posted by: margaret hegan (80)

Have you any names or dates for your Wareings or Cheethams will then check against my lot.

Replied: 11th Feb 2007 at 17:53

Posted by: elizabeth (5439) 

I did put a message on the General board ,I couldnt remember where I had seen Canal people--tyoe on ROOTSWEB,com EUG-Canal-people mailing list best of luck

Replied: 12th Feb 2007 at 16:11

Posted by: aspey (168)

my grandfather was Thomas Bootle
married to Elizabeth Ellen Birtwhistle and had 6 daughters and one son and lived in poolstock and worked the canal at Wigan Pier

Replied: 20th Feb 2007 at 20:35
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