Black Swan Scholes

Started by: krystal (55)

Hi Does anyone know where I could source a photo of the black swan at scholes? Also does anyone know if the pub is still standing?
Not a Wiganer myself im a Worksopian - researching my family history my nan was from Wigan moved here with her Father travelled with the pit and ive got a lot of ancestors from Wigan
Thomas Lythgoe being one of them he owned the Black Swan at Scholes in 1901

Started: 30th Nov 2015 at 23:24

Posted by: tuddy (1072)

Krystal, The Black Swan is long gone, as are most of the pubs in Scholes. If you click on photo's of Wigan, then albums, then places, and scroll down to Scholes, there are plenty of photo's of Scholes, maybe the Black Swan is on one of them.

Replied: 3rd Dec 2015 at 19:30

Posted by: stevemul (410)

The Black Swan was on Scholes ( that is both the name of the area and the main road passing through it) between Upper Morris Street and Greenhough Street .

Almost all of Scholes was demolished and rebuilt mid / late 60s

Replied: 8th Dec 2015 at 13:24


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