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Started by: emmacru (15)

hi there my dad wants to know the story about the origins of tanners brow - when did it get its name etc - was there a tanners therehence the name? I can trace its name to 1850's but curious to know about its origins, cheers Em

Started: 27th Sep 2006 at 19:52

Posted by: getwom (inactive)


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Posted by: teash (959) 

Your spot on emma, it got its name because there used to be a tannery on what now lies the by-pass. Not 100% sure but originaly it may have once been called Delph hill. If you want to know anything else about Blackrod i`ll gladly help you out. At one time my family more or less owned most of the land in and around Blackrod before all the housing estates were built

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Posted by: emmacru (15)

thanks Teash found your info helpful. Some of my family lived in Aberdeen Blackrod for a while before moving into Wigan. will pass on your bit about the tannery to my dad - it was his question, thanks again.

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Posted by: teash (959) 

Aberdeen Blackrod? you mean Little Scotland lol

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Posted by: emmacru (15)

yes little scotland - although on the census returns its marked as aberdeen, i know there is a farm there called aberdeen, but doubt they lived on that, as the family were miners. Em

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Posted by: teash (959) 

Your right Em about the aberdeen bit,and the farm used to belong to owd Percy Gregory

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Posted by: alfie (inactive)

I lived up that end of Blackrod until I got wed and you are right it is Aberdeen. Whats your family name Teash I know loads of the old landowners John Halton and his family owned a lot of land up there

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Posted by: teash (959) 

Wouldn`t say John owned a load of land Alfie, but if you knew him you`ll certainly know our family cause we live on the farm across the road from where he used to live. The family name is F******ton

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Posted by: alfie (inactive)

got you now Teash hows G going on? is he your dad then?

Replied: 3rd Oct 2006 at 17:11

Posted by: teash (959) 

G`s doing fine Alfie, still into his ploughing matches regardless of how shot at his legs are but as grumpy as ever. And yes he`s me dad.

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Posted by: mickh (3)

One of my old ancestors was born in Aberdeen way back in the1800's, I presume it was Blackrod, us being old Aspullites, but not got any information as to where.

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Posted by: marken (371)

It just shows, you live and learn. My grandmother came from Little Scotland but I never heard it called Aberdeen.

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Posted by: aspuller (1835) 

Hi teash,i know the Blackrod family by the name of F........n, im 65now but i went out with one of the Daughters, not with her Fathers approval i might add !
All a long time ago in late 50s early 60s

Replied: 25th Dec 2007 at 17:23

Posted by: marken (371)

This puts a bit more light on it.
Copy it into your search engine.

Replied: 25th Dec 2007 at 18:13
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Posted by: marken (371)

Sorry. For some reason that link doesn't take you to the item I copied. Instead put Aberdeen Blackrod in Google and go to the second item.It seems we have moved away from Tanners Brow.

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Posted by: minstrel (128)

Hiya Teash,
Aberdeen farm still belongs to the Gregory family, Percy was my wife's uncle.
Percy's son still lives on the farm but it is now run by Percy's grandson.

Replied: 26th Dec 2007 at 00:16

Posted by: cjh1953 (2)

re the posts back in 2007 about Aberdeen Farm - does anyone know any history about the previous Aberdeen Farm which was a bit further North nearer Aberdeen Bridge? Moved because of the opencast perhaps? On the first OS map in 1845 this was shown as "Ashtons" and in my wife's family history there is a Robert Ashton who lived at "Jacksons House" which was perhaps the same place?? In 1770 Richard Clayton left "Jacksons" and "Sharrocks" (by Weavers Bridge) in his will. Any information to fill the gaps very weclome.

Replied: 12th Oct 2020 at 12:24

Posted by: blackrodweaver (613) 

will have a dig around see if I can add to that, A lot of changes happened when they built the canal and railways ,with workers from scotland hence the name Aberdeen

Replied: 13th Oct 2020 at 19:52

Posted by: tonker (23049) 

We used tohave a unit on Gibbs Farm, I don't know whether it's Blackrod or Horwich, or both, but it was always underwater!

Replied: 13th Oct 2020 at 22:24

Posted by: cjh1953 (2)

Does anyone have any pictures of the old Aberdeen Farm, before the opencast came?

Replied: 1st Nov 2020 at 10:15


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