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Billinge walking day 1988

Started by: ashtonman01 (213)

Came across this video on youtube of Billinge walking day from 1988. Must be some rare footage. Pity the uploader has disabled comments, hate when people do that.


So would Bryn St Peters and Ashton walking day have been held on the same day then?. Anyone know the exact dates when each walking day was held as I have some photos from Bryn St Peters walking day from about 1984 to 1989 but I've no idea of the dates, after that we stopped as I was getting too old by then lol (thank god). I know that the 1990 walking day for Bryn was in early July (1st I think) as we videoed some of the procession outside our house on Wigan Rd as they were heading up towards Bryn.

Started: 23rd Nov 2023 at 10:22


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