Brook House Greenhouse's and Garden, Highfield

Started by: Fursty Ferret (2)

Hi all,

I am currently researching some ruins that are situated in Blundell's Wood, Highfield.

It has been concluded that this ruin was part of the land within Brook House that stood at the top of the wood/Watkins brow.

I wondered if anyone could shed some light on to the ruin that is there today.. Some have suggested it was part of the large greenhouses although on the old maps, the greenhouses seem to be to the side of it.

There isn't much on Brook House in general so it would be great to get people's memories and insight of what they remember of it and its occupants.


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Posted by: jarvo (30011) 

Haunted by the Green Mon.
Also known as the White House.

Circa 1965.

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Posted by: Fursty Ferret (2)


I must admit I was never around to see the white house, but some have said that was actually the one stood on what would become speedwells scrapyard, this was the opposite side of the building I am thinking of

I've heard stories about the white house but only recently people have mentioned the green mon, but never to detail.

share to tell the story?

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Posted by: jarvo (30011) 

The story goes:

In 1931, a local surgeon, Mr Herbert Stanley Green, occupied the White House. Mr Green had been linked to a poisoning scandal that resulted in a young nurse, Alice Bennett, losing her life in suspicious cirumstances. Green was released after police questioning and the killer responsible was never found. It was said that Green took his own life by taking a rare poison linked to weedkiller after feeling remorse of what he had done to result in Miss Bennett's death.. His body when discovered was alleged to have turned a dark green colour.

After the house became unoccupied and derelict, local schoolboys reported seeing a green hand at the top of the broken stairs beckoning them up. This was spotted on numerous occasions usually at dusk and the tale became a legend.


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Posted by: kathpressey (5239) 

Fascinating story Jarvo!

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Posted by: jacks (355) 

Used to go there quite often when the place was derelict. It was a great place to hang out, and mess about. Me and my mates always knew it as The White House, like Jarvo says. I remember us getting a spooky experience one evening, just as it was getting dark. We were outside, and ready for home, when we heard something from inside the house. We scarpered pretty quickly, but none of us actually saw anything. To be honest, I'd never heard of the story that Jarvo tells, but there you go.

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Posted by: riocaroni (78)

Did somebody not get shot? I'm sure I remember some time in the sixties about a gang of lads spending the night in the White house, one of them stood on the half derilict upstairs floor with a white sheet over his head making whaling noises and one of the other lads downstairs shot him with a twelve bore shotgun. Or is this just another exaggerated story?

Replied: 25th Feb 2021 at 22:22


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