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Hello all, new to the forum.
I'd like to ask about the whereabouts of "New Hall" Ince. In 2008 and 2015 there were pictures posted here of Garswood Hall, which several posters were sure was previously called New Hall and I thought they meant New Hall Ince. "David" and "John58" said Garswood Hall was on the site of the current Ashton-in-Makerfield golf course. But can Garswood Hall really be New Hall, Ince? The golf course is in Ashton, not Ince. Was there another "New Hall" in Ince?

My ancestor lived in Ince township from 1781 to 1801 and he had children baptised in the RC chapel of St William, Ince. At the end of the baptismal register, after the very last baptism in December 1817, the priest wrote "Chapel shut up when the Anderton family returned to Euxton Hall". That suggests to me that the first chapel was the private chapel of the land-owning Andertons, in their house.

British History Online, quoting the Victoria County History of 1911, says there were three halls in Ince, Ince Hall, the Hall of Ince and New Hall. New Hall was where the Catholic Andertons lived, and they moved away after the last one died in 1816. That matches the note at the end of the baptism register. But British History Online opens its discussion of the halls by saying "Ince formerly possessed three halls, each bearing the name of the township …" That sounds to me as if all three were in the township of Ince, and thus the one at Ashton golf course can't be New Hall Ince.

I'd be grateful if anyone knows the answer to this one.

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Posted by: tonker (23046) 

New Hall was in Ashton in Makerfield where Ashton Golf Club now is.
Garswood Hall was also in Ashton in Makerfield, between Garswood Old Road and where the East Lancs Road now runs.

Any new building, built on behalf of a prominent person, would be a 'hall'. After a family had lived in an area for a number of years, a building, built on behalf of that family, would be known as 'new' hall.
Ince has had many 'halls' over the years.

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Posted by: gaffer (6627) 

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Posted by: Barley (8)

Thanks for that, gentlemen.
But was there a different New Hall within the township of Ince? I'm not convinced the one in Ashton is the right one.

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Posted by: tonker (23046) 

It was called Ince New Hall, it wasn't far from Ince Old Hall (or Ince Hall), near to New Hall Colliery.

Find them 'hall' on
Old Maps Online.

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Posted by: Barley (8)

Thanks, Tonker
I see New Hall Colliery on that old map, on Manchester Road, not far south east of Belle Green Lane. That must be where New Hall was, but it was gone by that 1842 map.
Are there any known drawings of it?

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Posted by: tonker (23046) 

New Hall is on the left hand edge of this map, just above Amberswood Common and Moss Hall.

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Posted by: Barley (8)

Got it, thanks. Has anyone ever seen a picture (drawing or print) of it?

Replied: 1st Nov 2020 at 10:18

Posted by: tonker (23046) 

It was at the end of Moathouse Street,off Manchester Road, Ince.

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Posted by: fossil (6781)

A local historian tells me that the Gidlow family owned New Hall colliery, and New hall Mill also owned by them was a cotton mill,a three story building it the bottom of Moathouse street. New Hall as a home probably didn't exist.

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Posted by: gaffer (6627) 

The 1908 OS map shows a Moat House, with a moat on 3 sides and a building in front of it which is labelled as New Hall.
The driveway to both properties is a continuation of Clarence Street. Ince Hall Colliery, East pit, is close by on the Wigan side. There’s an adjacent cricket field on the Hindley side. There’s no evidence of a mill in Moat House street.

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Posted by: fossil (6781)

The mill was surrounded by a moat and was owned by the Gidlow family who lived in Derbyshire house nearby(not sure of the exact location but near to what is now Ashland Hse).When owner William Gidlow died the family moved to Arley Hall now the home of Wigan golf club. Not sure of the dates but around 1850.

Replied: 10th Nov 2020 at 18:26

Posted by: Barley (8)

Just seen the follow-up posts on 10th November. Thanks, Fossil and Gaffer.

Replied: 19th Nov 2020 at 17:52

Posted by: Roskie (2)

My grandparents lived in New Hall Cottages top of Moat House Street ..Hr Ince

Replied: 24th Nov 2020 at 14:33

Posted by: tonker (23046) 

It was at the end of Moathouse Street,off Manchester Road, Ince. Behind Paul Whittle's van MoT station.

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Posted by: Diston (189)

Moat house was once the pit managers house his name was davies, he had two sons cyril and raymond raymond was a friend of my dads. The house had bells in the kitchen to summon maids,Afine staircase, later years the house was split into two and not sure but think the secnd house was called new hall cottage.

Replied: 30th Nov 2020 at 12:59


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