Rally against Covid-19 lockdown measures

Started by: ashtonman01 (194)

It's about time this happened. Don't hold your breath in this being mentioned on the evening news or in the newspapers, unless it's BLM or some other propaganda:

You'll get a few idiots disrupting the peace and causing problems, but overall most of them will be well meaning.

Started: 29th Aug 2020 at 15:32
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Posted by: PeterP (8311)

We will stay safe . If idiots wish to believe the virus does not exist so be it. Let them catch it but keep it to themselves

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Posted by: dougie (4607) 

I agree PeterP

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Posted by: broady (16580) 

Piers Corbyn and David Icke opening the batting and they want to be taken seriously. BTW it was certainly In all the British press I read.

Replied: 1st Sep 2020 at 19:57

Posted by: gazzer (383)

Anyone see his interview with Piers Morgan , Made Corbyn look like a right fool.

Replied: 2nd Sep 2020 at 11:46

Posted by: ashtonman01 (194)

If you lot would care to do some real research instead of believing what you've heard from Breakfast news and the likes of Piers Morgan and Dr Hillary Jones (same for Chris Witty who is being funded by Bill Gates), then you would get the feeling that this pandemic is not what it appears. Do some research and look up people like Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Rashid Buttar, Dr Mohammed Adil, and Delores Cahill. Dr Andrew Kaufman has stated that viruses do not exist outside of the human body. Look into Rockefeller Lockstep and Event 201, Event 201 which was organised by Bill Gates.

During the recent protest in Trafalgar square, there was a German doctor that was speaking against the mandatory masks, stating they don't do anything to stop a virus. Shorty afterwards, the goon squad thugs in riot gear came storming into the crowd beating the living daylights out of people who were doing no harm. Anyone who thinks the protesters were causing trouble is being lied to by the news media, which not surprisingly, barely covered the event. The German doctor was arrested for simply doing nothing wrong. Piers Corbyn has been arrested a number of times all because he was speaking. Former BBC employee Anna Brees is also doing a fantastic job in speaking out about the lockdown and rules.

The reason why people believe there's a virus is because they are believing the inflated figures that the media is telling us. Kary Mullis who invented to PCR test actually stated before he died that the test should not be used to test for an infectious disease, but this is what they are using to test people.

There's a recent interview on David Icke's Bitchute channel (and btw, if they think this is all nonsense, when why go to such lengths in banning someone from youtube and social media?) where he interviews a former nursing home nurse from Preston who went to the protest and was soon sacked from her job. In the interview she mentions how the residents have been suffering and deteriorated mentally because they aren't allowed to have family members come and visit them.

Replied: 9th Oct 2020 at 12:08

Posted by: whups (5447) 

maybe you shud get it so you can give us a personelised veiw on it ? .

Replied: 9th Oct 2020 at 12:41

Posted by: gaffer (6627) 


We had the same nonsense with Dr Wakefield’s campaign against the MMR vaccine. It was dishonest and showed a complete disregard for children’s suffering. It resulted in a catastrophic drop in the take up of all children’s vaccines which lead to a resurgence of childhood diseases. The MMR vaccine take up dropped to 84% . The WHO minimum recommendation is for 95% cover.
A friend of mine , working on a banking consultancy contract in the Philippines, died from COVID 19 last week.
May I respectfully suggest you find a more appropriate place to post your rubbish theories.

Replied: 11th Oct 2020 at 11:15

Posted by: tonker (23077) 

Here's a tale for you all. My mate's waaaaife was took ill last week, while we were away, working. Couldn't breath, pain in back, heart beating very fast and very hard. She was taken to Wigan hospital and examined. "Hmmmm," said the doctor. He went, then came back with another doctor. "Yes", said the other doctor. "We think it's a clot on your lung, you'll need a scan to confirm".

When she goes for the scan, they say, "oh, you can't have a scan unless you test negative for covid-19"! So,they test her and say, "it'll be 72 hours until we get your results through. You'll have to go home".

Results arrive and she's positive! "Stay at home, self-isolate for 14 days and inject yourself with this blood-thinning tackle".
No scan, or treatment for her suspected clinical condition, for at least 14 days!

She has no covid-19 symptoms!!!

Moral of the story is .... if she died as a result of having a blood clot on her lung, she'd be registered as another covid-19 victim.

Another moral of the story is ..... had she not had a suspected heart attack, along with a suspected clot on her lung, she wouldn't have needed treatment. It follows that she'd have carried on going to work and mixing with loads of other people, not knowing she had the disease.
That focuses on the reasons to keep away from others as much as possible and try to minimise the chances of spreading airborne disease by wearing a facemask. That's an 'adequate' facemask (not one of those see-through-screens, which are useless).

My uncle died of Covid19, gaffer.
He was 84, ex miner, smoked cigars daily, had emphysema and bronchitis. Doctor said he was at "end of life", so sent him for respite in a local care home. He got pneumonia and died.
But he died of Covid19?

Make a rubbish theory based on that!

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Posted by: ashtonman01 (194)

Noone is dying of Covid, sorry to be so blunt but they're not. It's the biggest scam the world has ever seen, and sadly most people are falling for it and allowing all these draconian, fascist rules control us. I am not doubting people have come down with something, but it's not the virus. People aren't aware of what's going on because they are just listening to the mainstream news and the health authority which just repeats what the WHO says and the CDC says. Any genuinely concerned doctor or nurse that wants to voice their opinions of what's going on will never be allowed to get anywhere near the media. People are believing that cases equal deaths when they don't. They equal the number of peoples being tested, but the test isn't testing for the virus because the PCR test is wrong and shouldn't be used to test for a virus (as the late Karry Mullis warned).

It should be bloody obvious to most people now 7 months later that all these ridiculous rules and restrictions have nothing whatsoever to do with controlling a virus but everything to do with controlling people. So a virus knows when it's 9.59pm and 10pm, it knows where Wales and England is? it knows whether there are more than 6 people in a group?. I knows what a gym is?. Come on please wake up. Masks don't do anything to spot a virus, and in fact they are not good for your health long term, but everyone is wearing them because everyone else. Herd mentality it's called.

Replied: 30th Oct 2020 at 12:14

Posted by: tonker (23077) 

Covid19 is not a virus!

Replied: 30th Oct 2020 at 18:02

Posted by: gaffer (6627) 

World Health Organisation, WHO.


Replied: 31st Oct 2020 at 14:19

Posted by: tonker (23077) 

What's the collective word to describe a group of highly experienced fellows, all recognised experts in the same field, who, after much research over a given time, produce widely diverse results?

I'd call them 'bullshitters'!

Replied: 1st Nov 2020 at 13:45

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3337) 

I Believe there is some kind of conspiracy going on , on a larger topic just look at the richest people in the world ie JEFF BEZOS,BILL GATES,MARK ZUCKERBURG, WARREN BUFFET, BERNARD ARNAULT , STEVE BALMER, AMANCIO ORTEGA ,JUST A FEW of the richest people on the planet these people can dictate the worlds economy, they control everything we as ordinary humans use in our everyday life ,George Orwell who wrote in a book about 1984 ,well its all happening today and there is nothing we can do about it , they control the MEDIA ,OIL, MONEY , IN every aspect of our lives they have a say in it all i say is what else are they doing with their TRILLIONS of sterling????????

Replied: 8th Nov 2020 at 13:35

Posted by: tonker (23077) 

No. Not at all. "Them Men" control everything.

Replied: 8th Nov 2020 at 15:01

Posted by: peter israel (1040) 

i am sick to the back teeth of people with conspiracies so here is all you need to know about A death due to COVID-19

A death due to COVID-19 is defined for surveillance purposes as a death resulting from a clinically
compatible illness, in a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, unless there is a clear alternative
cause of death that cannot be related to COVID disease (e.g. trauma). There should be no period of
complete recovery from COVID-19 between illness and death.
A death due to COVID-19 may not be attributed to another disease (e.g. cancer) and should be
counted independently of preexisting conditions that are suspected of triggering a severe course of
3. GUIDELINES FOR CERTIFYING COVID-19 AS A CAUSE OF DEATH In view of COVID-19 it is important to record and report deaths due to COVID-19 in a uniform way.
COVID-19 should be recorded on the medical certificate of cause of death for ALL decedents where
the disease caused, or is assumed to have caused, or contributed to death. and the rest is here COVID_19

Replied: 8th Nov 2020 at 20:21

Posted by: ashtonman01 (194)

Well said Golden Bear. There's so much evidence pointing to this being a complete con, but still people are believing the lies. Of course this is a conspiracy, you cannot get any bigger than this scam.

There are people who are filming these test centres and showing that there's no bugger going there to be tested, which tells you noone's going to be tested because they don't have any symptoms. It's all show to make people think it's more serious than it really is. "Non essential" businesses are being forced to shut like gyms, yet it's OK to have McDs and all the other fast food places open; anything that's classed as a local, independent business is being forced to shut. It's good to see one or two business owners who are refusing to shut, one gym owner in London who stayed open had 30 police officers turn up at his premises. What a complete and utter disgrace that these idiots in uniform (the stasi) are more concerned about some bloke opening his gym than other crime issues, and we put our trust in these idiots?. And good on the gym and softplay owners in Liverpool for refusing to shut, so much for the Wiganers, where are you?. Can't people see that this is about destroying local businesses? do anyone think alot of them are ever going to recover?. Just flattening the curve, yeah right.

Replied: 12th Nov 2020 at 15:49

Posted by: whups (5447) 

there would be no businesses if we all passed on from this virus . if your from ashton ashtonman then maybe you can tell the family of john parmer who has passed on from this virus your thoughts ? .

Replied: 12th Nov 2020 at 16:41

Posted by: blackrodweaver (613) 

Tell all the doctors and nurses who have to pick up the pieces of all these idiots who ignore the lockdown and restrictions.

Replied: 13th Nov 2020 at 19:16

Posted by: tonker (23077) 

Less than one in ten covid19-linked deaths are of persons with no underlying illness. (office of national statistics)

It follows that over 90% of covid19-linked deaths were deaths due to a pre-existing condition.

It can be safely said that most covid19 'victims' would have been still alive if they hadn't died of something else. Or - most people who died of a pre-existing condition 'also' had covid19.

It's the same as an 86 year old person, with c.o.p.d. and diabetes, falls and breaks a femur. Gets sepsis.
But dies of covid19.

Replied: 13th Nov 2020 at 23:13


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