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Just came across this b/w photo of Wigan Wallgate. No idea of year, but what caught my eye was one of the cars. Is that an E-Type coupe I see between the grey mini van and the Vauxhall (I think?). If it is it looks like a 2+2 model (series 1 judging from what maybe rear lights above the bumpers). I wonder who owned that.

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Posted by: tonker (21859) 

To own an e-type was not unusual back then. I'd say there were several to be seen in any town on any weekday.
Over 33,000 Mk1s were made in 7 years.
Currently, there are over 5,700 Jaguar e-types left in the UK with a current MOT.

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I suppose you're right Tonker. They were being sold for next to nothing back in the 70s. These days you have to be a millionaire to afford one. Projects and almost basket cases fetch upwards of 20k, 50k plus for a good runner that's an "older restoration" - depending on the model of course, and if you want a mint example it's like 90k plus.

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They do nothing for me. They really are a dinosaur. In fact, a dinosaur probably ran faster and handled better!

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You're only saying that Tonker because you can't afford one. And neither can I really. My late father did have a kit car E-Type, and what a headache that was with all the mechanical problems it had, mainly because it was using Ford mechanicals and a V6 engine, couldn't stick a 3.8 or 4.2 Jag engine in it as it would've been too heavy, and besides where do you find one for less than 10 grand these days?. I sold it last May for a measely 5 and half grand to some cockney geezer from south coast, and a few months later I discovered it for sale in the Netherlands for 14,000 euros. The car I regretted selling the most was my dads GTE SE6b Scimitar that I let go for 2 grand, and now said cars, only 3 years later, are fetching upwards of 5 grand. A rarer model only 400 or so made.

They are a beauty though.

I found another copy of this photo and the date given is 1977.

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Ashtonman, you obviously don't know me. If you did, you'd be aware that I can afford two, if the fancy took me!

I've always owned Porsche cars (as well as many others). Here's a photo of one of my 911s, a 993 Carrera which I sold a few weeks ago, to an enthusiast in Doncaster. Check out the price of those!

And Here's an E-type I was offered in p/ex for the 993, off a classics dealer in Preston.

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I remember seeing that rusty E-Type for sale a few months back. Was you really offered P/X for that?.

Have you been to the Corner House Classic car meet in Wrightington?, plenty of Porsche's Ive seen there. If you're a Porsche man you probably live in Standish. Status symbol 4x4s and Porsche's everywhere around there. My dad had a poor man's Porsche back in the late 90s, a red 924 that he bought from over the water in the Wirral. I think it had an Audi engine in it. Had it for about 2 years until he got shut as the engine was buggered and it was cramped inside (a midget would've struggled getting in it comfortably).

Speaking of dealers, but I do recall Ron Hodgson in Wigan selling a series 1 E-Type roadster a few months back, a steal for about 119 grand lol.

One of my cousins who lives in Kitt Green, owns a prestine Ford Escort RS Turbo (white of course).

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Ford Escort RS? Now you're talking! But that was 40 years ago!

No. I don't live in Standish, but I do have a house there. Believe it or not, I really like Escort vans. I've had many. In fact, my wife has banned me from buying Escort vans. One time, I had them on our front and side garden. Oh., and a Jaguar XJS 3.6 which I swapped to Douglas Valley Breakers for an ex BT Escort van, 1.8 diesel, in grey!

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So you have two houses. I'd rather have the Jag than the Escort van:)

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Ashtonman01 tonks lives in Ashton and has at least three homes

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