Location - Ashton or Billinge?

Started by: lupine (4)

Hello, can anyone help me identify the location in this photo from the brickwork of the house? It was taken in approximately 1927.

I believe it was one of the following two locations:

127 Main Street, Billinge
621 Eaton Cottages, Ashton in Makerfield

Started: 14th Jul 2020 at 10:25

Posted by: winnie (1319) 

what are their names i can look up censers for you

Replied: 14th Jul 2020 at 13:00

Posted by: stevemul (410)

621 Eaton Cottages is actually 621 Garswood Road . Eaton Cottages was a row of cottages on Garswood Rd . , on the left just north of Simms Rd pub , where Garswood Utd football ground now is .

Replied: 16th Jul 2020 at 12:33
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Posted by: bentlegs (4590)

Eaton cottages was known as The Dolly Tub Row,

Replied: 16th Jul 2020 at 15:15

Posted by: lupine (4)

Winnie, the lady is one of my great grandmothers but I don't know which one. It is either Ann Massey who lived at the Ashton address or its Martha Haliday who lived at the Billinge address. I already checked the census. I'm trying to figure out which address the house is from to help me identifying the other people in the photo.

Replied: 20th Jul 2020 at 18:25

Posted by: gaffer (6570) 

1901 census.

Ann Massey born 1830.

Eaton Cottages, 623, Sims Lane Ends

Replied: 20th Jul 2020 at 19:06


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