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Good evening all. I'm looking into my family history and came across my 3rd great grand parents who lived at Mitchinsons yard, I believe it was close to Morris Street in Scholes. Can I ask if anybody has any information on it or a map that shows the location.
Thank you

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sorry im not good at links

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Mitchenson's Yard 112, Scholes 1890

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Here are 2 links.

The first is to  Once on the site If you click on the Enlarge View button on the top map which is the 1864-68 Wigan Town Plan, you can then use the scroller on your mouse to get free access up to a certain "zoom" level of the historic mapping.  If you  scroll across the street "Scholes" to the right hand side of the map you can clearly make out Mitchinson's Square and this is roughly in the same position as the present day Morris Street.  Adjacent is Boy's Well Lane, site of the present day Boyswell House.
If you then click on the Enlarge View button next to the 1890 map, you can now see the same location now called Mitchinson's Yard.

The second link is to a fascinating report of 1849, on sewerage, drainage and sanitation in Wigan.  Mitchinson's Yard is mentioned on page 14, paragraph 41.  

OS Town Plan - Wigan  

See reference to Mitchinson's Yard paragraph 41  

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Thank you for your responses
I will check out the links for maps. I read the report and yes apparently it was an awfull place to live.. Very unsanitary

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Posted by: Axcroft (166)

Yes, SAtherton 74, it would have been an unsanitary place to live.

The report, written in 1849, is a stark chronicle of Wigan life.  That's some 87 years before George Orwell pitched in.

The section on privies is eye opening.  Can you imagine sharing 1 toilet with 24 houses!

Best wishes with your family search.

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Winnie’s links.



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