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What was the name of the pub at 1 Warrington Lane, Scholes in 1871? I cannot read the name in the census. RG10/3885/130/5
Schedule 22 2nd line.


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there was 3 pubs on warrington lane but I don't know which was number 1, whitesmiths, Stanley, foundry inn.

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I think that was the Foundry Inn also known as the Smoothing Iron were Lidl is now

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Had another look at 1881 census for reference Warrington Lane is listed as Warrington St. No.1 is a Inn transcribed as Free Vade Inn should probably be Free Trade. The Stanley Arms was No 21 and the Foundry was No 87/89. 1881 census Piece 3764 Folio 57 Page 5 see bottom entry on this page

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Thank you for the suggestions. I was struggling to reconcile them until Jamb found the 1881 Free Trade Inn ref. That fits! (With a bit of squinting )
That's the third (or fourth) pub in the family.
Many thanks.

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Just discovered this Scholes Pubs in Stuff.
Free Trade Inn is no. 39.
Joseph and Ann BOOTH resident in '71.
Ann's brother James WILSON was at The Spotted Cow Inn, 90 Scholefield Lane (no 56) at the same time.
Later family members had interests in Oak Tree Inn, 150 Belle Green Lane, Ince (1900-1930s) and Platelayers' Arms, 41 Miry Lane. (WW2+)
The Oak Tree is the only one still standing.

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